Sonakshi Sinha Just Became The Proud Owner Of A New Kabaddi Team!

Sonakshi Sinha entered into the sports arena. She has bought a Kabaddi team in the World Kabaddi League. This is good for the sport to have such famous faces associated with it.

Ordinary people buy potatoes, onions, sometimes cell phones, occasionally cars etc etc!

However, trust our celebrity demi-gods to only buy stuff which is extra-ordinary!

Toeing the line of her senior colleagues, Ms. Dabanng, Sonakshi Sinha has literally lived up to the name of the character of her debut movie. She just displayed her bravado in going ahead and bought a Kabaddi team in the World Kabaddi League!

Well, technically she is a co-owner with Britain’s Hayre Group, but still, she has bought it guys!

Guess she must have been bored of buying gold and diamonds from her hard-earned money. After all, she has been part of some of the most profitable movies in past couple of years so money isn’t an issue for her.

The latest fad among celebrities is to buy sports teams as there is lot more of money to be made in such exciting business ventures. So it doesn’t matter if one has played that sport or not or if one has any knowledge about the particular sport. The mantra is, just go ahead and buy it! Then hire experts to run the show, and be the face of the game to encash one’s popularity. Simple! There are plenty of examples, like Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta in IPL, Abhishek Bachchan in upcoming Pro Kabaddi League and many more!

However, the importance of these film stars can’t be discounted completely given the fact that their glam-power does bring in audiences which is actually good for any sport! That is why it is commendable that when stars who actually understand the sport and get associated with it, it enhances the value of that association! In World Kabaddi League, Akshay Kumar and Yo Yo Honey Singh have already bought teams and these gentlemen are known to be having sports connection. Same goes for Shahrukh Khan’s association with IPL! Now how much does Sonakshi understands the game or whether she has any long-term vision for the sport is a different matter. At least her name will get the sport of Kabaddi more eyeballs and increase the glam-quotient of the game thereby bringing in more people to watch it! This is great news for Kabaddi which is on the verge of getting extinct given the popularity of Cricket!

Her statement to the reporters is already making headlines. She said, ‘I am really excited to be part of World Kabaddi League. This is my first such endeavour. Kabaddi is a fast-paced sport and I’m looking forward to some adrenaline rush moments during the League’. She will be travelling with the team as much as possible for the matches starting August 9th. Let’s hope her team wins!

Hope she supports it and enjoys it for the spirit of the game, not just for monetary gains!

Anyone for Hu tu tu tu??

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