Singham Returns For Another 100 Crores? Is It?

We talk about the trailer launch of Singham Returns. It is a usual Rohit Shetty film devoid of any brains but full on typical commercial entertainment and might go on to make 100 crores!

This is the actual question doing the rounds instead of whether this movie will have any substance to it!

After all, director Rohit Shetty is not known to make arty or sensible kind of movies.

He firmly believes in giving paisa-vasool entertainment to his die-hard fans, no matter how stupid or idiotic or over the top it looks. Such is the case with the sequel to his 2011 mega blockbuster, Singham!

Singham Returns has everything that its prequel had and then some more!

The trailer of Singham Returns was launched with much fanfare and lot of mystery was built around it. However, looking at it, there is a sense of déjà vu! The flying cars, the rough and tough look of Ajay Devgun, the innumerable number of fighters flying around, the action scenes shifting like a pendulum between slow motion and normalcy, it is all so very seen-before-kinds and predictable.

Just like in normal life where everyone wants to stay in their comfort zone, this repetitiveness will also attract those loyal viewers who will be happy to see old wine in new bottle!

To be fair to the makers, there are some changes, some novelty for sure if it can be called so. Like, the heroine is different this time and Kareena Kapoor has been roped in to provide some light moments in an otherwise serious action thriller. She knows comedy; she did Golmaal Returns, now didn’t she? This time the plot is inspired from the real life of politicians. It is all about the black money, which we mere mortals, the average citizens of this country are looking for everywhere but unable to find! Maybe these guys should have shot the movie in snow-capped mountains of Switzerland for any clues. Oh, in that case the movie would have been Black & White! Ahem, okay it was a PJ but what do you expect when talking about this flick?

Coming back to the movie, it will be released on 15th August. Is that the reason the promo is so obviously hinting about Ajay Devgun’s character, Bajirao Mastaan visiting a temple and Mosque? It is like making a movie with some pointers:

Flying cars and action for youngsters: Check

Music for all ages: Check

Comedy for loo break: Check

Hindu-Muslim unity for Independence Day: Check

Well, we can go on but should leave something for film review as well. Who knows, this time there might be actually something different and extra for the novice audience who will go expecting the same!

For now, enjoy the trailer guys and try to find newness in it. May be share with us if you find any!

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