Here Are The 5 Kickass Pointers Only Shah Rukh Khan Fans Can Relate To

Shah Rukh Khan Fans

Shah Rukh Khan Fans – There is a blanket love for SRK in India. No wonder he is a global superstar and aging gracefully like fine wine.

However, contrary to the opening statement, there are people who like him as much but that barely make any difference. He has a Jabra fanbase who can give anything just to meet him once in their life span.

Shah Rukh Khan is not only an actor but a mesmerizing orator with and most of his retorts to the media borders on his standout wit. He always sends out positive vibes and here are some kickass pointers that only Shah Rukh Khan Fans can relate to:

Things that Shah Rukh Khan Fans relate to –

  1. You have a dream cocooned in your heart to see him wave from the balcony of Mannat and see an eyeful of him if you don’t live nearby Mumbai. Fans that live in Mumbai, well this is a weekly affair for them.
  2. IPL is synonymous to Kolkata Knight Riders for you no matter which state you live in. Names of the other teams just blur out of your memory when KKR is at play and Shah Rukh Khan is on the field to cheer them up.
  3. Grabbing tickets for the first day first show of his films is a life-and-death situation for you and you can even show other significant plans the door for this.
  4. You narrowly escaped a jail term after having a serious fight with someone who hurled abuses at him. In your view, he is supreme and you can’t stand a divergent perception about it.
  5. You believe in him. To say, you believe if he says that ‘ Haarkejitnewalokobazigarkehtehai’, ‘Agar yehtujhepyarkartihai to palatkedekhegi, palat! Palat! ‘

These are the things that Shah Rukh Khan Fans relate to. Now that these five points have rang true with you, go back to your SRK movie collection and watch  a few to light up the mood.

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