How Salman And Shahrukh Are On A Mission To Reduce Your Medical Expenses!

We talk about how Salman-Shahrukh’s movies are entertaining their fans and helping them to stay fit! Total entertainment means less stress and no diseases!

Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are the reel life heroes known to kick and punch villains the hard way!

However, with the changing times they are making an impact in real life as well.

Not like Aamir Khan but in their own manner, via their movies.

Both are superstars and going by their recent or upcoming releases, it is obvious that they have set their eyes on helping us, the audience, to reduce our bloating medical bills!

We are sure the medical community will soon be standing up in arms against the duo, but it doesn’t matter. Both of them are still foes than friends, but their goals are so similar. Better they shake hands and forget the past!

Anyways, more about that later!

For now, let’s see how they have waged a war against medical professionals:

1) Rest for Brain

Salman and Shahrukh’s movies are increasingly getting less heavy on our brains. Since there isn’t much to think or analyse about their movies, one can give the brain some rest, even while watching their movies. It is said that the more you use your brain, it gets better. However, sometimes you got to give your head some rest too or else too much of unnecessary thinking can take you to a brain surgeon! See, you are saved by the trip to hospital, isn’t it?

2) Make You Laugh

Their movies have enough dosage of laughter, both intentional and un-intentional! Either you laugh at the funny incidents or you laugh at them for making such silly idiotic cinema. Whatever it may be, the end result is one gets to laugh which definitely helps in reducing cardiac problems! Worth watching their movies, right?

3) Gym Habits

These ageing superstars are responsible for motivating an entire nation into getting those enviable 6 or 8-pack abs! The samosas and burgers look nauseating while watching these guys removing their shirts on-screen! If everyone starts taking care of their health, who would need doctors anyways?

4) Family Bonding

A film which gives you total entertainment should be watched with entire family. That’s what their movies are doing, bringing complete families to cinema halls to spend 2-3 hours together and have crazy fun! When people are happy, laughing, enjoying and not worrying about anything, chances of getting sick gets lower and lower! Can we smell some medical professions already burning with anger?

5) Emptying Your Pockets

In case you have visited a multiplex recently to watch their movie, you would know the size of the hole in your pocket. After paying that kind of money on watching a movie which actually didn’t make any sense while watching or even afterwards, you won’t be left with any dough to pay to your doctor! See, this is their smartest strategy. Just squeeze every penny out of your pockets so you won’t have anything to spend on medical treatment!

Going by their noble objective, Shahrukh’s next, Happy New Year is just about to be released and will follow the same principles of entertainment as discussed above. Don’t expect serious thought-provoking intelligent entertainment, just go and enjoy at the crazy form of masala entertainment.

After all, your health is more important than artistic excellence, right?

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