This Bollywood Actor Is Also A Rhyming Expert – Can You Guess Who?

Rhyming Expert: Have you guessed it? NO? I’ll give you a hint.

This Bollywood actor is extremely talented, is people’s favorite hero & villain, is crazy, dressing sense is FUNNY yet interesting, and also, he is dating the most gorgeous actress. Have you guessed it now? NO?

Okay, I’ll give you one more hint.

He can RAP.

So you’ve guessed it this time. (Yayy!)

Oh yes, I’m talking about Bollywood actor “Ranveer Singh” who is crazy only to make others laugh & entertain. Like I mentioned, Ranveer Singh is a rapper, it is not a secret that he is also good at rhyming. Recently, in an interview with GQ India, very easily Ranveer Singh rhymed his situation and LEFT everybody impressed.

Here’s what he said –

What d’yu want to talk about, it’s midnight.
And it’s all about my phys-i-yo, what’s the deal yo,
It’s like in the morning I’ve to shoot this song,
Ma-an, day’s been long.

You see; I told you. Ranveer is a true entertainer and is also a great rhyming expert. I’m sure you have heard his rap songs. Isn’t he great at rapping? I can hear y’al saying “Deepika is extremely lucky to have him.” I know, that you’re saying this because this man knows how to make others happy.

The man who can make others happy is a dream man, right? Whoa, no doubt, he is a dream man, but let’s get back to the point. When asked about his skills, Ranveer said “I can rap about anything, anytime, because rhymes come very naturally to me. Even when I was a copywriter, I used to be the designated rhyme expert; if you needed a rhyme in a jingle, go see this guy. I can rhyme everything.”

Yes, he can rhyme anything & everything.

Rhyming Expert : So all his FANS out there, whenever you meet him, do not be AFRAID to ask him to rhyme on the spot. I’m pretty sure that he can do that very easily.

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