Return of The Dogs: Akshay Kumar In ‘œIt’s Entertainment’, A Sneak Peak

Akshay Kumar is coming with It’s Entertainment. Looking into the comeback of animals in mainstream Hindi cinema

Man’s best friend is back to entertain us all!

No, it’s not the handsome hunk Akshay Kumar or age old comedian Johnny Lever or TV’s own funny guy, Krushna Abhishek! It is the ever-so-loyal, the brave, the friend for life, favorite pet of the world, The DOG!!

Yes, you read it right. Story of Indian cinema is incomplete without describing the use of animals in many avatars in umpteen numbers of movies. Well, providing crucial help to the leading heroes is of course being more heroic. In the 80’s, Mithun da and Jackie dada had a dog’s support in so many of their filmy ventures that heroines used to feel insecure in a dog’s company. So much was a dog’s importance that it was alone responsible for changing the course of Madhuri’s destiny and the movie’s fate single-handedly in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun! But then came a phase when audiences got bored of the overdose of camaraderie between a human and a pet and with that the demand for animals in a movie nosedived.

However, what seems like a new phase and a role-reversal of sorts, “It’s Entertainment” brings the always loved Dog back to the mainstream cinema in a pivotal role. The best part is that the good old dog is not just a side-kick or a second lead in the movie, but what looks like from the film’s promo, the cute canine is in a full-fledged negative role!! We say a negative role, considering the fact that Akki is still playing the main lead or maybe there is something that misses the eye?

Assuming that it is indeed a character with darker shades; it offers such a refreshing sight, isn’t it? After all, dogs must have been bored to death playing Mr. Goodie-goodie in movie after movie. But now, Writer-Director brothers’ duo, Farhad-Sajid has given the lead dog in the movie, a meaty role of a lifetime.

The trailer looks really interesting, with clear hints that it’s going to be another one of Akshay’s no-brainer acts. However, such is Akshay’s comic timing and command over the craft, that it can be safely assumed that the movie is going to do wonders at the box office. With an able support cast of Johnny Lever, Krushna Abhishek, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj and none other than Mithun da himself, this looks like a total entertainer with an assortment of dialogues spoofing the hit movies of yesteryears. Mika has added the color to the flick with his foot-tapping number which should become a chart-buster in no time. Gorgeous Tamanna Bhatia, looking like a million bucks, is rendering the required glamour quotient.

Let’s just hope that the rivalry between man and the dog generates enough drama and laughter for the audiences to come out of the hall with tears in their eyes. Well of course, the tears of happiness, laughter and total dhamaal!!

Who knows, the dog might get nominated for the best character in the negative role of the year, what say?

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