6 Real Life Based Movies That Everyone Must Watch

Real Life Based Movies

In last few years, Bollywood has focused a lot on real life based movies.

In fact, people these days appreciate such movies more than those family dramas and love triangles. Well, these movies are hard hitting and inspirational enough to touch our heart and soul. So, have you watched those real stories on the big screen?

If not, then watch them now at home and for your consideration, here are 6 real life based movies that are a must watch for everyone. Have a look:

1. Talvar

Based on the very famous Arushi Talwar murder case, this movie really caught the attention of audience. It was emotional, heart breaking and full of mysteries. It will truly leave you in deep thoughts about all kinds of perceptions that you made while that case was on trial.

2. Neerja

It is a story of a brave air hostess who risked her life to save the life of passengers when the airplane was hijacked. This movie will fill you with a lot of courage along with respect towards the real life hero Neerja Bhanot.

3. Airlift

This is the story of biggest ever air evacuation that happened in the history of world when Saddam Husain’s Iraq attacked Kuwait. 1,70,000 Indians were brought through commercial flights to India from Kuwait that filled all of us with pride.

4. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Based on the life of India’s Flying Sikh, Milkha Singh, this movie will motivate you to achieve your goals in life. It shows the struggles and the triumph of Milkha singh over the odds, which are beautifully performed by Farhan Akhtar.

5. No one killed Jessica

Based on the Jessica Lal murder case, this movie is a roller coaster of emotions. You will see how a common person struggles for justice in front of this world full of goons and powerful people. If nothing, it will make you wonder about the world we live in.

6. Manjhi- The Mountain man

This movie is a must watch for this generation as it shows how one man literally moved a whole mountain on his own. Yes, it seems like an impossible task but when you have the willpower to do something, it happens for sure.

So, get that bowl of popcorn and enjoy all these movies right now!

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