Rakhi Sawant’s Hari Mirchi For Sale!

It’s about Rakhi Sawant auctioning off her election’s Hari Mirchi costume.

Don’t get it wrong, Queen of tele-scandals, Rakhi Sawant is not switching profession and you won’t find her selling any spicy green or red chilies anywhere near your local vegetable market.

She has definitely got a drubbing in recently concluded Lok Sabha elections where she barely got 1995 votes, but that has not dampened her spirits at all.

By the way, one needs to wonder who were those “1995” voters who showed their belief in Ms. Sawant’s social service or administrative or political or any kind of skills?

Anyways, coming back to her Hari Mirchi, it is actually the costume she wore to promote and seek votes for her newly formed Rashtriya Aam Party. Obviously, no one took her seriously. People are still confused as to why did she launch a National MANGO Party wearing a green costume? Was it to signify that she was promoting raw mangoes to her constituency or that if she would have won, raw mangoes would have been converted to ripe juicy ones in bright yellow or orange colors? After all politicians do change their colors after elections are over, so maybe she was trying to warn the electorate about it. How nice of her, people did understand the true meaning and stayed away from her party. Some warning signals there…eh!!

But as they say, social activists have a cost to pay too. Our good old (well not in literal terms. We don’t want to offend her by tagging her as old, right? ), Rakhi Sawant did pay that cost by losing not only the elections but also the deposit with Election Commission. A very small price to pay though, considering that she did successfully warn ordinary citizens about politicians’ real intentions. And now, she declares that she will probably auction her Hari Mirchi dress since she has no use for it anymore. This leads to a very important question: Is she thinking to recover her electoral losses from the highest bidder? If so, people should come forward to repay her debt of bringing transparency in the election process. On a second thought, a real considerate one rather, we think, she should hire Sotheby’s services in getting a real good price for that dress.

There is another hidden good reason for the auction. In the same breath as she talks about the auction, she also mentions that she has clicked a picture with BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh. According to her genius calculations, that should be enough for an invitation to join BJP, not for a post or minister ship, but as she said, for social service!

What the heck is this tinsel town item lady is thinking after all?

This would surely be sweet music for Congressmen’s ears! They would eagerly bid the highest for her dress, so that she gets loads of moolah, can join BJP and can do to them what she just did to her own party! That would be some real juicy revenge, isn’t it?

It goes without saying this bindaas bala has always acted as per her own whims and fancies. Never did she worry about the “oh-so-cliched” image! Well, going by what she presents every now and then, be it the entertainer of the sorts or her more than an entertainment her neta avatar, we can’t do anything else but salute her for her unnerving guts to stay in the limelight for utterly whimsical reasons.

Here comes the Hari Mirchi costume folks!

Do we hear the bids already or what?

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