Priyanka Chopra Finally Exposed The Truth About Her Plastic Surgery Rumours


Priyanka Chopra, one of the most gorgeous woman right now from India in America is slaying the world with her popularity.

She has got the talent, attitude, confidence and especially the looks of an amazing Indian woman to rock everything in Hollywood. Oh, did I just say ROCK! Yeah, she did rock ‘The Rock’ too, huh?

Moving on from the stupid joke, Priyanka Chopra has been slaying and there’s no doubt that every interview that she is giving in abroad is becoming a headline in India.

That’s what just happened.

Recently, instead of being a guest, Priyanka Chopra was a co-host on The Live show. She was there to discuss feminism and the issues with women empowerment, where she opened about her encounters with misogyny and discrimination.

Well, she is just like all of us and she too has faced various problems because of being a woman.

So, Priyanka elaborated one instance from her initial days of modelling and acting.

She told that one of the director/producer told Priyanka that she doesn’t look like an actor. So, she would have to get some of the implants here and there. I hope you know what I mean. The director even said that her nose is too big to become an actor and she felt weird with that fact as she was the Miss World at that time. Her co-hosts were shocked to hear that and instantly asked if she went on for any surgery or not and she said “No, this is my original nose.”

Well, Priyanka, we are now sure that is your original nose as you said, but you still haven’t cleared the rumours around your lip job, did you?

We expected you to come out with that also if you were clearing the plastic surgery rumours.

Be that as it may, we are glad you spoke on this topic and kudos to you for that courage.

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