Why Is Priyanka Chopra Biased Against Indian Television Shows?

Priyanka Chopra

An actor’s appetite for name and fame never subsides!

Add to it the colour of money and the urge to rule the world or the entire planet takes on new wings!

Such may be the case with our desi diva, Priyanka Chopra. She has been one of the top most actresses of current times as far as Bollywood is concerned. However, her appetite to be world famous, not just amongst Indians, but even amongst a global population forced her to try it out with her singing skills.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

Well, we all know how that turned out. After trying real hard to sing in an American accent, joining hands with Hollywood musicians and singers and finally releasing three singles, she realised that becoming a pop-artist isn’t as simple as opening a soda bottle. Singing talents are different than being an actress and even though both are creative arts, both require different kind of skill sets. However, we do appreciate her attempts at trying something different!

In the same flow of things, she recently revealed that she has been cast in an American drama series, Quantico produced by one of the major entertainment networks of Hollywood, ABC Network. Here she is playing an important role opposite Jake McLaughlin of Grey’s Anatomy fame!

This is a big deal for sure!

Jake McLaughlin

Jake McLaughlin

However, the question that comes to mind is that it isn’t a Hollywood movie which she has signed. No doubt it might be a big TV series, but is always going to be somewhat less than a Hollywood movie. So did she sign it because she couldn’t get through movies so the next big offer was pounced upon? And if she had to do TV, why not something in India as well? Not necessarily the usual saas-bahu drama, but something different that does justice to her talent. After all bigger stars than her like Anil Kapoor tried it here after doing a movie and then a series, 24! Even Amitabh Bachchan tried his hands at a local fictional show, Yudh; so what if it didn’t work out! Even movies flop, but a big star’s presence always helps the channels and production houses to raise the bar as far as content is concerned.

We do hope that she succeeds in her new venture, but it would be really nice to see her in a desi avatar on a locally produced fictional show where in her fans can get to see her on a daily basis, up close and personal mouthing Hindi dialogues! Portraying a different character with no forced song and dance sequences can really help her gain so many more fans who in turn will get some superlative entertainment on the idiot box famous for churning out below-standard content most of the times.

Good luck PC!

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