Preity Zinta In A Mess With Ness (Wadia)!

The recent molestation charge slapped on Ness Wadia by actress Preity Zinta. Case is still evolving but we look into a love-affair gone sour and so bad that it is like an eye-sore now!

This is abso-freaking-lutely crazy!

What else would you call such a bizarre ending to a beautiful love-affair?

We are talking about the latest case to have caught the nation’s complete attention! Bollywood diva Preity Zinta filed a molestation complaint with the cops against her ex-boyfriend, Ness Wadia who is a rich industrialist and great-grandson of father of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah!

It still sounds un-believable.

They were a couple just a few years back, were seen together as recently as in this year’s IPL matches, laughing and bucking up their team, Kings XI Punjab. And now this!

There is definitely more than what seems obvious to the eyes.

By going to the cops, Preity has surely initiated a war against one of the most powerful business families of the country. And that requires real balls! In other words, to have guts like these, one needs to be either super strong or have a backing of someone equally powerful. Now, we all know that Preity has been one of the most out-spoken and brave actress of the industry, having spoken her mind on various public issues earlier without getting scared of the consequences.

If someone like her has suffered this kind of behavior, it says a lot about the mentality of Indian men!

More than that, it also raises questions about the whole situation of ‘love’ in our country. Yes, what has love come to? There was a time when we use to talk about eternal love or companionship of seven lives but see the situation today. Let us try to look at their story from the beginning.

One day they are lovers, all romantic and intimate, giving love-bytes and giving hints of finding their soul-mates in each other. Love blossoms so much that they even become business partners. But then something happens and all that love flies out of the window. What remains is a financial arrangement between the two, only bond is of money to be shared out of the joint business! That means, love has become so cheap that the person one falls out of love with is still good enough to do business with?

We will come to know of actual happenings only in a few days time after investigation is complete but the fact that Ness publicly humiliated her, as per Preity’s complaint, is totally unacceptable. If a well-educated, sophisticated guy like him can stoop down to such levels, irrespective of the reasons which provoked him, we wonder what is expected of other men who are not so well-read or evolved!

She has mentioned that during an argument, Ness abused her and pulled her by her arm in full public view and that amounts for molestation. Mr. Wadia, when you were a couple, you might have had some authority over your partner’s body. But after you guys broke up, you lost that power, so better keep your physical urges in check! Whether those are of anger or otherwise!

All we hope is that truth comes out real soon and if Preity is actually a victim, she needs to get speedy justice!

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