5 Mind Blowing Animation Films That Changed our Perspective Towards Animation And Portrayed the Darker Impulses In A lighter Manner:

Mind blowing animation films

Mind blowing animation films – By far you may have been of the opinion that animation films are for only kids, and on this ground we pray you for a rethink. Animation films have the remarkable levity that can point out the social loopholes or any serious issue for that matter in a light-hearted approach. Animation films are solicitous to our cocooned emotions and effortlessly make us relate to what they portray.

Here under are such mind blowing animation films that really left us spellbound.

Mind blowing animation films –

1 – Grave of Fireflies:

The story is set amidst the backdrop of Second World War and revolves around the lives of Seta and Setsuko, the siblings trying to survive the vagaries of war. The two were saved from dying at the nick of time which compels you to think about those innocent lives that have been wasted while great countries were up in arms. The two children were vulnerable to starvation and all its eventuality after the war and die slow deaths. Now that’s enough to make your heart weep, isn’t it?

2 – Corpse Bride:

Keeping up with Tim Burton’s signature white people are paranormal ideology, Corpse Bride had the biggest draw with audiences as it filmed an astute romance in a rather altered way. The film leads you into the island of the dead. Definitely Corpse Bride doesn’t render you the clichés of romantic movies. Furthermore, it’s well understood from the treatment of the storyline that a mature mind was behind it.

3 – Waltz with Bashir:

It portrays the grim reality of the 1982 Lebanon war by the memory travel of a 19 year old soldier. He, here depicts the atrocities the humankind dealt during the war period and how their actions led into an outright massacre without any notification.

4 – Chico and Rita:

Aside from the protagonist characters, Jazz plays a crucial role in the film. It tells about lovers who come together and separate after falling in love in 1940’s Cuba, New York and L.A. The film won high accolades and was nominated for the Oscars too.

5 – Fantastic Mr. Fox:

From the collection of Wes Anderson’s masterpieces, this one deserves a special mention. Nothing short of a perfectionist, Wes Anderson depicts in this film how a man switches over to the wrong side to feed his starving family only to be hunted by pitiless farmers. He is doing a tight rope walk between the morality of his actions and how the crime affects his wife and children. Just that, he is a fox.

6 – Persepolis:

The film is based on the graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi and does the rightful justice to it. It takes us back to Iran during the turmoil-ridden time during the socio political upheaval. It has a bildungsroman treatment with the most unconventional background.

These are the five Mind blowing animation films that compel you to think, tick the right boxes and stay with you for long.

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