Lekar Hum Deewana Dil – The Movie Review: Go Wherever You Want, Who Cares!

Movie review of Lekar Hum Deewana Dil. This is a debut movie for actors Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth and director Arif Ali. Nothing much to say about this flick except that it is a waste of time and money.

Guys, it is weekend time and you must be having some plans of catching up with the latest releases this week. Before you make any decision, please stop and do read ahead to make sure that your hard earned money is well spent!

One of the two releases this week is Lekar Hum Deewana Dil!

This is the launch vehicle of yet another of Kapoor khandaan’s blue-eyed boy, Armaan Jain and Bollywood debut of Deeksha Seth who has done some movies down south.

Not only that, even director Arif Ali is making his debut with this film, borrowing heavily from his elder brother, director Imtiaz Ali’s way of making cinema. It has taken some time for us to write this review as the after-effects of this movie are harrowing!

Really, we don’t know where to start and how to end.

The movie has a done to death plot of lovers eloping to avoid society, then separating and then meeting again for a happy end. Now in such romantic sagas, what differentiate them from the rest of the movies are the treatment and the chemistry between the lead pair. However, there is nothing refreshing or innovative about anything happening in the movie.

The film is about two south Mumbai based youngsters, Dino (Armaan) and Karishma (Deeksha) who are best pals but never realize that they are in love. Only when Karishma’s marriage is forcefully fixed against her wishes, do they elope and find love and get married!

That was easy, huh!

Fun begins when reality bites them in the ass and love flies out of the window. Then what happens, how they face the real world, what kind of complications they have to face and finally how they get united, is the whole drama all about! Yawning already??  We told you so!

This subject had lot of potential, a young couple, lots of scope for some mushy romance, some beautiful depiction of human relationships at such a vulnerable age and more. But alas, the writers and director screwed it up all. To give them company, actors also played their part very efficiently. Armaan Jain might have legend Raj Kapoor’s family name behind him but he doesn’t show any spark in his debut movie unlike his successful siblings Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor! May be few films down the line he improves, but till then, bear him guys, if at all you want to! Deeksha on the other hand is kind of bearable but she would not have wanted this kind of a Bollywood debut for sure. A.R.Rahman disappoints big time where music is concerned. Maybe he did out of courtesy for his friend Imtiaz Ali but didn’t put his heart in the project.

All in all, thanks for having the patience to read it till now. You must have got the point and can now make a sound decision. If you still want to go and watch, please do, only if you have absolutely nothing to do this weekend!


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