Is KJo’s Sex Comedy Scrapped Due To AIB Roast?

Karan Johar sex comedy scrapped

We all know about the much hyped controversy of AIB Roast. Reports say that after the AIB Roast case Karan Johar decided to shelve the sex comedy.

Well there could be another reason of the male lead moving out of the project at the end moment.

But whatever the reason is, censor and audience reception is definitely a big factor to be considered before producing a film in India.

AIB Roast opened the door to a wider topic of discussion. Is India ready or receptive to sex jokes?

The sex comedy that was a joint venture of KJo’s Dharma Production and Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Telefilms was reported last year. It was going to be directed by Sonam Nair.

India has very limited sex comedy films like ‘Kya Cool Hain Hum’, ‘Masti’, etc.

The audience response to adult comedy film ‘Delly Belly’ was superb. The track ‘Bhaag D K Bose’ became an instant hit.

It is very clear that Indian audience is definitely eager for films of the genre – sex comedy. But there are lots of people who think sex is against our culture.

The Censor Board had been a spoilsport to anything that talks sex. Even the word ‘virginity’ was censored in the film ‘Finding Fanny’.

It is strange of what passes the Censor Board and is gladly accepted by Indians.

We even had people from the film fraternity reacting, saying that the content of AIB Roast isn’t a part of our culture. Well sex isn’t new to Indian cinema; only the medium of conveying it changed over the years.

For people of 1980s and 1990s, let me remind you that the kind of content depicted in our movies then was much grave.

For example let us take a glimpse of this scene from the 1998 movie ‘Gunda’ starring Mithun Chakraborty. His sister is raped by Shakti Kapoor and he performed this act of crime after consuming  something called the ‘Vitamin sex’.

So if sex tablet is consumed to commit a crime then Censor Board, media and all the so-called protectors of ‘Indian culture’ don’t seem to have any problem. These very acts when shown for pleasure or as a joke, people ironically found them offensive!

If KJo’s sex comedy is scrapped because of the AIB Roast drama then seriously it is time we grow up.

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