Katrina Kaif is raising temperatures in Dhoom machale dhoom

The title track of Dhoom: 3 is out and Katrina Kaif is looking smokin’ hot in the song.

The title track of Dhoom: 3 is out and Katrina Kaif is looking smokin’ hot in the song. Amidst crashing cars and guns blazing away, Kat adds the perfect tadka of glamour to all that violence and dhishoom dhishoom. We particularly like her fashion choices in the track. From sexy thigh-high boots to futuristic golden corset-like ensemble, Kaif has stepped into the shoes of an absolute femme fatale in this number.

Now that the new track is out, comparisons with the title songs of the previous Dhoom franchise are inevitable. It started with Esha Deol setting the stage on fire with her bronzed bod and gorgeous grunge look. As Uday Chopra’s eyes almost fell out of its sockets, the fast paced ditty went on to become one of the biggest chartbusters in Bollywood.

Then we had Hrithik Roshan impressing with his catatonic moves. Anyone else in his place would had been as awkward as a cow on roller skates, but Roshan being the gorgeous dancing star, gave the Dhoom 2 title song his own elegant edge.

And now of course we have Ms Kaif looking all ooh-la-la in the 2013 version of the action film. She’s going all sexy on those gymnastic rings, having her own dance adventure in water and playing Aamir Khan’s alluring accomplice with great ease.

While we are in awe of the style tastes, Kaif’s zombie-like expressions continue troubling us. Since she is all sexily dressed up, a seductive li’l pout or a slight ‘I am hard to get’ face movement wouldn’t have harmed.  The dancing is highly okay but the sets lend this very cool and futuristic quality to the track.  Watch it for the dazzling designer clothes and masalader action scenes…

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