Remember The Girl Who Played Hrithik’s Sister In Agneepath? Here’s How She Looks Like Now!

Kanika Tiwari

“Kanika Tiwari” 

Have you watched Agneepath (2012)? If yes, then you will surely remember the face of a pretty girl who played Hrithik’s sister in Agneepath.

Her beautiful name is Kanika Tiwari.

I Know, she stole all the attention by playing a sweet-innocent sister in the powerful packed movie. Let me tell you, she was only 15 years old when she made her acting debut in the movie.

Apart from her debut, she later appeared as a leading lady in Telugu film Boy Meets Girl (2014), Kannada film Rangan Style (2014) and a Tamil film Aavi Kumar (2015). Surprising, isn’t it? Let me add more to it, Kanika is a cousin of actress Divyanka Tripathi. (Yes, you read it right)

Kanika is now a beautifully grown 20 Y.O lady and her cute pictures will surely make your day.

Hard to believe me? Alright, take a look and thank me later.

  1. Oh so pretty!!

 Kanika Tiwari

  1. When all eyes are on you, WINK 🙂

 Kanika Tiwari

  1. She looks so RED and PERFECT

 Kanika Tiwari

  1. Look at her fun-filled expressions (Too cute*)

 Kanika Tiwari

  1. That beautiful SMILE though!!

 Kanika Tiwari

  1. That’s the way you POUT (Wink!)

 Kanika Tiwari

  1. Selfie time with cousins (There’s Divyanka too!!)

 Kanika Tiwari

She looks beautiful. Right? Let’s just hope that we get to see her in many Bollywood films and that too in a lead role. (Wink!)

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