Kangna’s Riskiest Decision of Her Career: Acting Opposite Imran Khan!

We talk about Kangna Ranaut and Imran Khan for Nikhil Advani’s next venture. Kangna is a proven actress who also delivers hit, while Imran is weak on both points- Acting as well as commercial success. Is it a good pairing?

This is the weirdest surprise of the year!

Kangna Ranaut and Imran Khan are going to do a movie together!

This clearly looks like the creative stagnation of the makers, UTV Motion Pictures and director Nikhil Advani for even thinking of casting the talent powerhouse Kangna with the leader of flop films, Imran Khan! Or may be, just may be, both Nikhil and Imran are trying to piggyback Kangna to get their careers back on track.

We all know how successfully Kangna has risen up in her career and today, after the fantabulous success of Queen, she is one of the most promising young actresses who can carry an entire film on her shoulders.

Can the same be said about Aamir Khan’s bhanja, Imran?

By a long shot, NO!!!

Despite doing some A-grade movies with top production houses of Bollywood, Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions and Yash Raj Films, Imran is still more famous for being Aamir Khan’s nephew, is a decent (not even that charming or good looking) face, not a great actor and not even a very reliable bet on box-office. Same goes for director Nikhil Advani who has given such huge duds like Chandni Chowk to China and what not. So is this a ploy by these two men to get their dwindling careers back on track with a bit of help from Kangna? Probably!

To those unawares, Kangna has signed this new movie, Katti Batti which will go on floors very soon. It is a rom-com about urban relationships. Nikhil said about the movie, ‘It’s a progressive look at modern relationships. The title reflects the dramatic equation Kangana and Imran share in’. Kangna is kicked about the role as she feels, ‘Writers have used elements like the battle of the sexes, issues of urban couples, expanded truth and non-linear narrative’.  

For her, these are things that matter a lot when choosing a script.

It’s a fair point but why opposite Imran? Given her standing in the industry, she could have chosen a better co-actor. May be it is all about money! She can always work in low-budget flicks with good subject, but in between, no harm in doing these big budget extravaganzas that can expand her reach as an actress and also bring some much required moolah! After all she does need to maintain her lifestyle as a leading lady of Bollywood.

We seriously don’t expect great fireworks from this new jodi of Bollywood, but if the movie does end up providing something novel and interesting, we are game for it!

Imran and Nikhil raise your standards, guys; you got to give more than your best for the Queen!

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