Is Singing A Cake-walk? Akshay Kumar Proved It Is!

Akshay Kumar has sung a song for his upcoming film, Entertainment. It’s more like on auto-tune and lyrics are more like separate un-connected words. Still, it has beats to get attention, but can’t be considered a song!

Singers are falling from trees these days!

The latest to drop from the singing tree is none other than the action-star, the comedy baadshah, Akshay Kumar!

Yes, it is an exciting development considering that nowadays so many actors and actresses are taking to singing as if their life depended on it!

The latest addition to that growing list of singing actors is Akshay who has sung for his next movie, Entertainment! Recently, as part of film promotions, he sang in front of a live audience and now, he has uploaded a video of the recording of that song. Nice marketing drill, right? He even tweeted, ‘And here’s a brand new track from #Entertainment sung by yours truly  Akshay Kumar…’

Well, apart from his die-hard and loyal fans, we aren’t sure how many people are going to enjoy it given that it only has decent techno music! As far as lyrics are concerned, it is like a hindi-english mix dictionary with words and names used just for the rhyming purpose which don’t have any recall value. Only common thing is: Maange, as in, ‘wants’ and Entertainment! Of course we all want entertainment, not sure what is Akshay’s ‘want’! Does he want us to listen to him or appreciate his singing as well or just pleading with us to go and watch his movie or what?

Honestly, there isn’t much singing except for shooting off some words out of his mouth in a particular tone and sur which seems to be clearly adjusted by auto-tune. Recently, Salman Khan also sang for his movie Kick which just took a bumper opening. Can’t say that his song was a master-piece either!

So what is actually happening is that in order to add more material to the marketing strategies for the movie, these superstars are singing as well with the help of technology. Specially, when the movie is probably low on content, anything and everything needs to be done to promote it! Singing is the new fad and is being lapped up by everyone with or without having any musical background. The sufferer is the poor listener who has to make do with what is being offered in the name of singing!

Will this song help Akshay’s movie?

It might, as any publicity is good publicity. Is the song good? Listen yourself and find out! Would anyone be humming it? Probably it can become the beggars’ anthem with the word, Maange, in it! Ahem Ahem!

Music shall live and better songs should be produced, is all that we demand from our entertainers.

As an exception, give us such songs, but don’t make them rules, let them be rare events!

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