Is Salman Khan Paying The Media To Keep His Family Members In The News?


Salman Khan’s brother (Arbaaz Khan) directed a super hit movie!

Salman Khan’s sister (Arpita Khan) got married!

Salman Khan’s sister-in-law’s sister danced at so and so wedding!

Salman Khan’s….

Enough of it already, right?

That’s what we feel too!

How much can Salman Khan’s family and even extended family grab media attention purely on his name?

In a way, his father, Mr. Salim Khan was the first person in the family to make his name as one of the biggest writers India ever produced as far as films are concerned. And after him came Salman and his siblings and their extended families. But going by the trends in the media, every major gossip column or media outlet covering Hindi entertainment of any kinds gives a lot of space to Salman’s family.

Sometimes it is more than Salman himself! He grabs media headlines either when his movie is about to be released, or when he is part of some controversy, court case, some Twitter stupidity, etc. But that’s normal because his fans want to know him, want to read about him, and want to feel close to him and his life. However, why are his family members being shoved down the throats of average fan who might not have any interest in what colour dress was worn by his extended cousin in an XYZ wedding of some family friend?

Yet, day after day we are fed the same gossip in new forms and new ways as a brand new development! Knowing Salman, it doesn’t look like he pays out of his pockets to publicize his family like that, but in showbiz, one can’t be sure about anything! The only thing for sure is that his family is piggybacking on him for their 15 seconds of fame and for making sure that their careers are in great shape and good health! Without him, definitely hardly any member will make a mark in Bollywood!

This is not to say that no one is talented in the entire family. Malaika Arora Khan, Arbaaz Khan’s wife is one of the best dancers and item girls in Bollywood. Stepmom Helen was yesteryear’s best item girl. His dad is still a prolific writer even though he has stopped writing actively for movies. Sohail Khan and Arbaaz are having successful production houses (partly thanks to Salman again for acting in their ventures!). But none of his siblings or their families have been able to achieve the kind of stardom that Sallu bhai has achieved! And it is not his fault that they are not this successful or destiny.

Simply, they didn’t deserve this kind of mad fan-following!

It, therefore, makes a lot of sense if mainstream media covers Salman’s life and his journey of life rather than covering what makes his family members angry or sad or loved or whatever!

We for sure would love to see and know more about Salman! Bring it on, anytime!

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