Is Abhishek Bachchan Set To Divorce Aishwarya Rai? It’s A Bomb From Cannes!

While the world waits to catch a glimpse of Cannes Veteran Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, here is some news that could leave you shell shocked.

While the world waits to catch a glimpse of Cannes Veteran Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, here is some news that could leave you utterly shocked!

An insider source spilled the news that Abhishek Bachchan is set to head for divorce villa. While the media circuit was flooded with the shocking news, most tweets and information pointed to the probable reasons of the foreseen disaster. Of late, there has been a lot written on how a former lover of Ash threatened to take legal action on this ex-beauty queen for the alleged mental harassment due to their break up. On deeper digging, it was revealed that this guy belongs to Sri Lanka and that he was involved years back with Mrs. Bachchan. It seems these revelations have not gone down well with Abhishek and he possibly started a fresh bout of issues with his spouse.

Meanwhile, there needs to be a mention of the healthy development of Abhishek’s tweet that expressed a carefree attitude about such rumors. He also clarified that getting a divorce from his wife was as much of surprise news to him as to his fans and friends. While this relieves most of the well wishers’ minds, our mind does go back to similar rumors that have been recurring over the recent past quite frequently. Well, there cannot be any dark smoke without a fire burning somewhere, isn’t it?

On a deeper look it appeared that Abhishek might actually be displeased with his wife as he chose to miss her Cannes appearance this year. This year, Ash is accompanied by Aradhya only. Her much talked about Cannes day is slated to be 20th of May. However, some sources pinpoint that this action of Abhishek, in no way signifies any problem and that Abhi is set to fly down from his Shimla shoot on 22nd May and he will be attending the Cannes gala dinner for the AIDS Foundation with his wife in tow. We definitely hope this all happens.

Such buzz surrounding probable cracks in Abhi and Ash’s marriage is not new. The only point is that these get covered up pretty smoothly. Of late, there were speculations that Ash is not happy with the way her mom-in-law Jaya Bachchan behaves. Suggesting a strained relationship between saas and bahu, Ash wanted to move out with hubby and daughter to another apartment. Even then, the issue was plastered up and we were made to reinstate the belief that Bachchans are one big happy family.

Well, to conclude we add that with all the guesswork and the hinting of a big breakup in Big B family, all that the fans and admirers can hope is that the couple keeps their marriage working. Who wants a messy marriage, after all? With a two year toddler in the family to take care of, this would be all the more painful. As Abhishek stated, even we hope that all is well in their marriage.


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