7 Pictures Of Ibrahim Ali Khan Prove That He Is A Spitting Image Of His Dad!

Ibrahim Ali Khan

Ibrahim Ali Khan looks just like his handsome father. Don’t you agree?

Every-time he arrived in public; he caught a lot of attention and thus gave us a thought that yeah boy, he is definitely the next star in making. Be it his handsome looks or pictures that showed him spending time with other celebrity star kids; there’s one thing for sure “He is quite popular among ladies”. {Wink!}

Many girls, who are already going gaga over his oh-so-cool looks, let me warn you that he is only 15 Y.O.

Yep, it might be hard to believe but that’s the truth.

Well…Well…that doesn’t mean it’ll take a very long time for him to make his entrance in Bollywood. You know why? Well because, he already made his debut in 2008 with the film “Tashan”.

So, he might take up acting at a very young age if he decides too.

Well till then; take a look at these awe-worthy pictures that proves he looks just like his dad.

  1. Like Father Like Son!!

Ibrahim Ali Khan

2. Take a closer look

Ibrahim Ali Khan

3. That smile though!

Ibrahim Ali Khan

4. Hide & Seek!!

Ibrahim Ali Khan

5. Yellow is the brightest!

Ibrahim Ali Khan

6. Alright! He’s such a poser

Abraham Ali Khan

7. Whoa! Is that Saif’s younger self? Maybe YES 🙂

Ibrahim Ali Khan

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