How Hrithik Roshan Is Turning Out To Be Aamir Khan Of Bollywood!

The smart strategies employed by Hrithik Roshan to promote his next movie. Without doing cheap promotions, he is generating curiosity which makes him an intelligent actor!

Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan are two of the most good looking, cute and supremely talented actors of Bollywood.

Even though Hrithik is almost a decade junior to Aamir in the industry, he is catching up real fast as far as smart moves and strategies are concerned for not only choosing the right subjects, but also marketing them.

In an era when promoting movies has taken a boring, predictable and ugly turn with sleaze and stupidity becoming more common, Hrithik’s novel way of marketing his next flick, Bang Bang is like a breath of fresh air!

Usually every actor rushes to every possible reality or fiction show on TV to create awareness about their upcoming film.

However, Hrithik decided that he won’t be doing such promotions as he is sure of his product and that he wants the film to work on its own merit!

Fair enough, right?

It is just like Aamir’s conviction about Dhoom 3 which he didn’t promote on idiot box giving the same reason. The movie still went out to become India’s highest grossing film ever!

Can we predict same result for Bang Bang? May be..

Just like Aamir devised interesting moves for promoting different movies of his like getting multiplex employees to sport Ghajini hair-cut, Hrithik has come up with a brilliant idea which is not dependant on any cleavage-show or underwear controversy. He simply challenged his colleagues from the industry to do some dare, any dare which is kind of hat ke from their daily schedule. It is not normal for an actor to challenge his fellow actors like that and obviously, none of the challenged actors can deny the dare to save their public image!

It’s a big hit and making people go crazy about different dares their favorite film-stars are doing. Whether it was Priyanka Chopra’s head-stand in heels or Uday Chopra’s 100 pull ups!

However, the dare which is making the net-world go gaga and crazy about is the one performed by Ranveer Singh. This super energetic new-age dude is fearless, besharam and total gutsy to try anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere! His simple act of dancing on Mumbai streets wearing Kkrish mask and dress is generating applauds from everyone and is really creating superb publicity for Hrithik’s film!

Isn’t it cool to enjoy such kind of film-promotions where our stars are found to be pushing their limits, giving clean, healthy and entertaining entertainment!

Instead of going to countless reality shows and giving half-hearted diplomatic feedback to contestants there, these dare-bare kind of marketing tactics can surely go a long way in creating a buzz for soon-to-be-released movie!

Hats off to Hrithik for thinking out of the box and giving his fans and general public something to genuinely enjoy a film-promotion and not get bored out of it!

Let’s see what his inspiration Aamir does for his next, PK!

We are glad to have intelligent entertainers in our industry who respect their audience’s intellect!

Clap clap!

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