Clash Of The Dancers: Hrithik VS Shahid! Who Is Going To Win?

it’s about the two movies, Haider and Bang Bang, releasing on 2nd Oct starring Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan. Both are considered to be one of the best dancers around. Who will taste bigger success?

Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor are coming face to face!

No, not on any dance show, even though it would be one terrific face-off between the two master dancers! We are talking about their movies which are going to release on the same date, 2nd Oct’14. 

For Hrithik, it’s going to be an action-thriller Bang Bang and for Shahid, it’s the adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, Haider!


Well, every Friday is a clash between some actor and another, but these two actors have never been pitched against each other.

Both started their careers with dance being the central theme of their movies and came out with flying colors.

Now, Hrithik’s career has surely been more colorful and eventful than Shahid’s. Also, Hrithik has proven he is a more versatile and accomplished actor and a star than Shahid, but it doesn’t mean that Shahid is any less. He is a few years junior to Hrithik, but has covered up the distance with amazing amount of effort he puts in every movie of his, whether it becomes a hit or not! 

That is why it’s a surprisingly pleasant time for their fans to get this double treat on the same day. Hrithik will be doing an out and out commercial flick with lot of action, dance and style thrown in for entertainment quotient.

The trailers of Bang Bang are already a hit and the chemistry between him and Katrina Kaif is seen to be believed.

On the other hand, Shahid will be seen in supposedly his career-best performance role which requires more of acting skills than his dancing shoes! Still, he is shown to be dancing in trailers which have more of intensity than just dance elements.

It’s like a role-reversal where Hrithik will be seen in a light-hearted role while Shahid will entertain his fans in a serious character. All these years, it has been Hrithik who has done more serious and mature characters, but this time it seems Vishal Bhardwaj, once again after their last outing together, Kaminey, has shown his trust in Shahid’s abilities to pull off such a complicated and difficult character. If one goes by trailers, then surely Shahid deserves every bit of hype surrounding the movie.

However, same goes for Siddharth Anand directed Bang Bang which is promising an adrenaline rush with its glamorous trailers and virgin locations.

Who is going to win this war?

Will Hrithik’s dance moves have an upper hand over Shahid’s performance oriented role for which he even went bald? Or will Shahid impress us all with his restrained and mature performance to over-shadow Hrithik’s death-defying stunts which made him undergo a few dangerous surgeries for his head-injuries? Who is going to rule the Box-office?

We will have to wait for the movies to release for this verdict, but one thing is for sure: these two performers put their heart and soul in their movies so it can be safely said that the flicks are going to be complete entertainers and not brain-less duds!

Let the better man, win!

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