Heropanti – Movie Review: Is Tiger Going To Roar Or Do A Meowwww?

It is weekend time so you guys can leave all your stress behind and enjoy the laughter riot of the week, Heropanti!

It is weekend time so you guys can leave all your stress behind and enjoy the laughter riot of the week, Heropanti! Laughter riot? Really?

Okay, that was a bit below the belt for the makers and the star-cast of the movie but what are they expecting after making such a movie?

You can’t do anything else but laugh at everything right from the plot to the clichéd and predictable flow of the movie. There are two mannequins in the movie to entertain you, with their perfectly sculpted bodies, gorgeous faces, and up-market styles but with just one PERPETUAL EXPRESSION!

We surely have high regards for our real style icon, Jackie dada but feeling bad for the launch vehicle offered to his son, Tiger Shroff!

Yes, he has a great body (Girls are already drooling over his yummmylicious bod and those cute looks with the ever-present shy smile), he can dance really, like really well but acting also involves emotions, mouthing the dialogues, portraying your character convincingly so that it becomes believable. Alas, the young lad worked more than half of his life on his body; wish he had worked a quarter of that time on his acting skills! If at all he thought that he could pull off the entire flick on “Sab ko aati nahi, meri jati nahi” dialogue, he really was mistaken!

Though the line is quite impactful!

So folks, coming to the real thing, the movie, which is set in the so called Jaatland of Haryana and the makers have taken full liberty to stereotype the characters. Instead of exploring the nuances of inter-personal relationships, they have only focused on Tiger’s skills as a fighter, dancer, and good-looker. Well, that sounds ok. If we consider that they already had a lot to worry about real life inter-personal relationships like those between Jackie dada and producers and etc etc etc…..Shhh.. Are we talking too much?

Well, about the story of the film, Prakash Raj is playing head of the village, Chowdhary, whose elder daughter, Renu (Sandeepa Dhar) elopes with another man on her marriage night. However, they realize that Bablu (Tiger) had helped them in their novel adventure so he is kidnapped with few of his friends and kept in custody till the time he reveals the whereabouts of Renu.

While in captivity, since he had nothing better to do, Bablu falls in love with Miss Haryana wannabe, Chowdhary’s younger daughter, Dimpy (Kriti Sanon) walking around the house in skin-revealing ghaghra-choli. Well, some eye candy for sure! Then, how the film revolves between Haryana and Delhi with such a predictable clichéd end is what the remaining story all about.

In case you are already bored of the review by now, just like we were while watching the movie, it is not your fault! Such is the impact of this movie with its done to death plotline and absolute zilch acting, that even Prakash Raj’s hamming gets bearable. But as it happens with Indian star sons and daughters, with so much of publicity and marketing, movie will at least generate decent revenues and the chap will get few more chances trying to entertain us.

Let us hope Tiger gets a better director than Sabbir Khan for his next movie who can squeeze out some acting DNA out of him rather than showing just his six-packs and pink-lips (errr…was it a lipstick there?).

Just a joke..!! The fellow deserves it given his pedigree.

Time to listen to original whistle from dada’s flick Hero, Tiger kolo whistle nahi bajni!!


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