Haseena Parkar Movie Review: Haseena Fails To Entertain !

Haseena Parkar Movie Review

Haseena Parkar Movie Review –

Cast:  Shradha kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor, Ankur Bhatia

Director: Apoorva Lakhia

Haseena Parkar Movie Review –

This story decodes criminal activities of most wanted criminal of India Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena. Haseena was a part of her brother’s criminal world and also ran his business.

This movie is about real-life incidents of crime world but this definitely is not something out of the box we have witnessed such moves in past like Black Friday, Once upon a time in Mumbai, Company, etc.  Though Apporva Lakhia tried a lot but definitely failed to impress. We have seen better gangster movies than this one.

Story of Movie Hassena Parkar:

Haseena ( Shradha) : Haseena lives with her full family and she has a close bonding with her elder brother Dawood. Dawood does all types of crimes and illegal things meanwhile sister Haseena marries to Ibrahim, everything was good in her married life till Ibrahim dies, in fact rivals of Dawood murders Ibrahim. Post this Dawood shifts off to Dubai their Haseena becomes lady don.

Meanwhile police miserably fail to trace location of Dawood and so summons sister Haseena in court for investigation on Bombay blasts of 1993. So, the movie is all about will Haseena get a clean chit or will be accused of crime committed by his brother. Rest of the movie gives the answer to this question.

Director Apoorva is no new in making gangster genre movie his earlier movie Shoot out at Lokhand wala which is far better than Haseena. Haseena turns out to be quite meaningless and boring. There was no need to make a film on Haseena as there is nothing so extraordinary about her. Clearly this biopic might have gone through many filters at story stage, lots of scripting, censors and filters by Dawood family.

Coming to the acting skills of Shradha she surely has come out of her comfort zone and acted in a gangster movie, her acting is good but definitely cannot save the “drowning ship”

Rating # 2 average rating


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