#HappyEnding Songs Review

Happy ending song review – the much awaited film starring Saif Ali Khan and Ileana D’cruz. The songs of the movie have already caught a lot of buzz.

Did you watch #HappyEndingToday – the  much awaited film starring Saif Ali Khan and Ileana D’cruz.

The songs of the movie have already caught a lot of buzz. The tracks range from funky numbers to even an unplugged set up. The music is composed by Sachin-Jigar.

The first one to catch the attention is the song #PaajiTussiSuchAPussycat

Still wondering what is funkier, the song’s lyrics or the song video…the song definitely created a buzz as soon as it was out.

Saif Ali Khan singing with a guitar and the bikini clad women around him gives a quirky look to the video. The styling of the bikinis (white polka dotted red bikinis) is what would grab your attention at first.

Even Saif’s apparently half pant is quite funny adding to the quirky factor of the entire costuming of the song scenes. Donning a complete contrasting costume of a cartoon T-shirt with a blazer and a funky half pant, Saif wears the oversized specs and a hat.

The color correction or tone used in the shots of the song gives a stylised peppy feel.

The lyrics written by Amitabh Bhattacharya are even more amazing ‘Paaji Tussi Such A Pussy Caaaaaat’.

The blend of Sanskrit Hindi with an upbeat music gives a very Hinglish appeal to the entire song.

For example there is this line that goes like this:

Aake apne hi Chakravyu main

Beta Abhimanyu tu fasa

It sounds stupid but giving the stupidity a stylized quotient is an art.

The next song that will really remind you of the studio recording sessions and the artistic background would just make you go into a trance.

The song is called ‘Mileya Mileya’.

The striking part of this song is the combination of the female voices. Rekha Bhardwaj and Priya Saraiya have quite contrasting style of singing. Earthy soothing voice when blended with the simple sweet nightingale voice the composition strikes a new chord altogether.

Jigar Saraiya is the male lead singer.

There is a scene in the song where a pile of books are arranged in a way where Saif can look at Ileana. That setting of books looks supremely unnatural. Other than that part the entire video looks really good.

The most pathetic song is the Govinda number ‘G Phaad ke’. 

For some reason Govinda might be having the fan followers but he looks such a wannabe and a supreme despo dancing his style with Ileana and Saif.

The lyrics no doubt are quite catchy and the music composed by Sachin-Jigar is actually hitting the clubs and discos.

Song Haseena Tu Kameena Main would relate to almost every love story of today. Lyrics written by Amitabh Bhattacharya is to the point, quirky and catchy.

Haseena Tu Kameena Main

Mausam Tu Mahina Main

The video shows Saif flirting with all the girls shamelessly. The best depiction is the choreography when he is walking flanked by girls all around.

The next song ‘Jaise Mera Tu’ is a sober romantic number. Arijit Singh’s voice is obviously magical.

The video blends beautifully with the song.

The lyrics don’t add anything extra other than the simple ‘jaise mera tu’.

A romantic number can be explored and awesome words can be used for composition. That was missing in this song.

Another song the video not out yet is called ‘Khamma Ghani’ . This is my most favourite of the lot. It may not be hyped but it has the most beautiful way of blending urban and rural love.

The Rajasthani dialect of greeting ‘Khamma Ghani’ is stringed to the symphony of the other words.

Khamma Ghani sajan bairiya. The song describes the love of the rural flavour complimenting the urban culture.

Below is the video of the female cover version. Smita Jain’s beautiful voice is highly captivating.

The movie has a blend of rural to funky numbers but the last song is something that has really caught my attention. Can’t wait for the song to release. It would be interesting to see the video with the male lead Papon’s voice.

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