#KissOfLove: #EmraanHashmi And His Kissing Career

Emraan Hashmi and his kissing career – #TheSerialKisser of the industry, #EmaraanHashmi : Let us explore the varieties of kisses displayed by this talented actor of the industry:

The growing moral policing about kissing and the entire protests against it have led to a Nationwide never ending debate about kissing and Indian culture.

I would like to talk about the act of kissing in Bollywood, an industry that has captivated all the generations in India.

If we are talking of ‘Bollywood’ how can we possibly miss #TheSerialKisser of the industry, #EmaraanHashmi?

His acting career is based on the #KissFactor. In the movie #Queen there is a scene where #KanganaRanaut defends her statement of #Indians being the best at everything even in kissing. She says, “#EmranHashmi ka koi bhi film uthaake dekhlo…kissing best hain”

So let us explore the varieties of kisses displayed by this talented actor of the industry:

Film: Murder

The kissing career boomed with the long and passionate kisses and love making scenes with Mallika Sherawat. This film was like a Launchpad into the kissing stardom for the #SerialKisser.


Film: #TumsaNahiDekha

Kissing scene with #DiaMirza:

He forcibly gropes her in public and kisses her. But hey he is the hero not a molester, need to see his intentions!


Film: Zeher

Here he is romancing both Udita Goswami and Shamita Shetty.


Film: Ashiq Banaya Aapne

Remember the steamy title track (not the remixed one) but the song in the film where he is making love to #TanushreeDutta?

Then he kept coming up with such hit numbers from ‘Chocolate’ to ‘Tum Mile’. The songs of the films were an instant hit and he kept improvising his kissing skills.

Film: #OnceUponATimeInMumbai #PrachiDesai refused to be one of the feathers to his kissing success hat.

The song #PeeLoon is soothingly romantic but there is no lip-lock scene in that.

Film: #TheDirtyPicture

The tag of #SerialKisser was so much a peer pressure that a kissing scene was put in the dream song sequence #IshqSufiyana.


With his upcoming film #Ungli I really don’t know to what extent his kissing score would lead.

Well he does explain with the dialogue seen in the movie’s trailer, “Yeh toh meri speciality hain”.

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