5 Reasons Why Dil Dhadakne Do Is A Must Watch!


Bollywood churns out almost 200 movies every year and hardly 8-10 movies are worth watching out of those. This year started on an average note and suddenly it seems to have picked up steam. Piku, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and now Dil Dhadakne Do! It is a treat to watch such movies, which are so different from each other and yet are total entertainers.

Even though there weren’t many expectations from Dil Dhahdkane Do and even after the release there are mixed reviews, there are certain things about the movie which make it a must watch. Mind you, there is more to the movie than just the voice-over of Aamir Khan for the family dog Pluto also acting as a kind of a narrator! Let’s have a look at the things which does make it a gem!

1) Message Oriented, But Not Preachy

Zoya Akhtar is known for making sensible movies that ordinarily make you think about life and world at large. This movie is no different given the fact that it touches so many subjects like family bonding, women empowerment, social status, hypocrisy etc, yet it never gets preachy about it. The writing of Zoya and her co-writer Reema Kagti is such that everything happens like a very matter of fact without making a whole issue out of things. Subtle, but impactful!

2) Mirror To The Society

Many people feel that, ‘oh this happens only in high society people, we are different’! This is a wrong assumption as the characters depicted in the film might be from the upper strata of society, their problems might also seem trivial, but what’s brewing beneath the surface, their insecurities, ego-tussles, emotional upheaval they go through is all human irrespective of their standing in the society! It is good to see how we are going on doing and saying the wrong things, without even realizing them!

3) Performances

It is a huge ensemble cast with some of the finest actors of our country. Even the supporting cast is exemplary, but what takes the cake is the performance by Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah and Ranveer Singh! Anil shows yet again why he is such a freaking awesome actor and is still around after almost 30 years in showbiz! Shefali does selected work and what she has done shows the class of this actress. The shades, the layering, the talent to switch between contrasting and contradicting emotions within seconds are simply unbelievable. Ranveer is a revelation if you compare him with his previous work! It may look like a simple role from outside, but boy oh boy; the way he acts is stupendous! Apart from these, everyone else be it Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Rahul Bose, Zarina Wahab or any other actor, they are aptly cast and give their best!

4) Galla Goodhiyaan

As such the music of the film isn’t that awesome, but this song has to be mentioned for the sheer talent of picturising it and for the way it has been performed. It is a good 3 minute song, yet none of the actors in the entire song has gone out of his/her character given the fact that it looks like being shot in one take with no cuts! It is as such very difficult to have such long scenes in one shot, but to have an entire song with the entire cast and supporting cast of the movie in one shot is surely a feat!

5) It is cinema!

For past few years, the biggest superstars of our country are serving cinema that questions ours or their IQ! Yet they gross Rs. 300-400 crore at the box office and after watching such movies, we all feel is it really some entertainment? However, Dil Dhadhakne Do is really a movie with a story, performance and entertainment value associated with movies. It is not a star-run flick with no heads and tails about a story!

If you haven’t watched it, do go for it! You’ll not repent spending those almost three hours in the darkness of a theatre, going away on a cruise and meeting your own life, somewhere there! 

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