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Whether you are feeling low, depressed, gloomy, or not in your element, these quick tips will instantly pep up your mood.


Whether you are feeling low, depressed, gloomy, or not in your element, these quick tips will instantly pep up your mood.

  1. It has turned out to be a rather non-happening, dull day at work, you didn’t even get your share of the sunshine and all this is making you feel a little retarded. Don’t worry. Just Google Rajnikanth jokes and laugh your guts out. 
  1. It always makes my day if I look at a picture of anything scrumptious, enticing on the net – whether it is a chocolate, cream and berries loaded dessert or a savoury toast with cheese dripping out of it. There could be various reasons behind your dull mood, but looking at a photograph of your favourite dish will instantly cheer you up and make you think of all the good things (eats) in life.  The world will seem to be a tasteful place to be in. 
  1. There is a lot happening around you and nothing seems pleasant enough for existence. Your mind has coagulated with loads of tension, workload or negative thoughts and you just can’t see anything happening to your liking. All you need to do is close your eyes and shut yourself off from the world. Picture the most adorable beings you have around you and how beautiful they have made your life. 
  1. The reason behind you feeling low could also be your ill health. Many a times, especially when we are caught up with work, we forget to drink sufficient water, which makes us feel drained out. Water constitutes 90 per cent of your brain, so clearly, drinking it in appropriate quantities will ensure that your brain is properly supplied with what it needs the most. Stay fit and happy. 
  1. Walk out for your office or home in the open, stretch yourself to reach for the stars. It will release all body tension and you will instantly feel a lot lighter and better. 
  1. Play some music and get lost in it. I needn’t reiterate the fact that music has the ability to enhance your mood and relieve worries. So, just plug in your earphones or play it aloud and stop thinking about everything else in life. Give yourself a break. 
  1. Always make it a point to get your childhood picture scanned and readily accessible on your phone. Looking at a cute, crazy or funny photograph of your childhood, with your siblings and parents and cousins is an instant mood uplifter. Admire a few pics and let those beautiful memories embalm your pains and worries. 
  1. It you are feeling low because someone has pointed fingers at your work, personality, character or nature, don’t lose faith in yourself. Just keep on re-affirming that you are good and will fare better in all the pursuits of your life. Say it to yourself a few times and you will feel charged with newfound confidence.

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