Deepika Padukone’s Desired Superpower Is Something That You’ll Never Be Able To Guess!

Desired Superpower Of Deepika Padukone

Desired Superpower Of Deepika Padukone – Trust me; IF anyone comes and ask you; what is Deepika Padukone’s superpower, then you’ll never be able to answer it.

Once you’re done reading this article, then you will.

Her “desired superpower” will certainly make you laugh and it’ll surprise you too. There are many who wish to have a super power i.e. being invisible, ability to read others mind, ability to see our Future, Flying etc, etc.

But Deepika Padukone wants nothing like this.

Let me reveal it to you, that Deepika Padukone’s desired superpower is that she wants to turn HERSELF into a Vacuum cleaner.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

This isn’t a joke but it is a FACT. Once in an interview, Deepika Padukone was asked about the power that she wish to have and then the actress said “I want to be a vacuum cleaner.” Isn’t it surprising? It was during a Facebook live session, that someone asked Deepika Padukone about it and then she quickly answered saying that she wants to be a vacuum cleaner.

Here’s what she said “I would want to be a vacuum cleaner. If I could be a vacuum cleaner, I’ll just suck out all the dirt. Like it annoys me when I see like litter and you know generally dirt. It really bothers me. I try and keep my surroundings clean but sometimes I wish when I am driving somewhere and I wish there would be a big machine that would suck up everything in one go and everything is pretty and clean. ”

“I am cleanliness freak I have an OCD about cleaning. I start cleaning everything if see a messy place. I have even cleaned public toilets.”

Yes, according to the actress, she even cleaned public toilets.

This might be shocking but that’s the truth. Seriously, who would’ve thought that Deepika Padukone wish to be a vacuum cleaner, right? Plus, let me tell you, that even Priyanka Chopra once said that she wanted to be a maid (cleaning lady) Both the B-town divas are too much into cleaning and that is a good thing too.

AFTER ALL, cleanliness is important.

Desired Superpower Of Deepika Padukone – Any thoughts? 

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