These Are The 12 First Date Fears You Need To Get Over With!


Dating is fun or is it a nightmare?

Well, for most of the people, first date is worse than a nightmare with butterflies in the stomach, excitement shooting through the roof and the urge to impress the opposite sex skyrocketing! Yes, we all think that may be this date will turn out to be the first in a series of many more and eventually might turn into something called love! It is like the entire life depends on this first date and the fear of failure might affect the courage quotient for any such future endeavours.

We bring to you the worst 12 First Date Fears you encounter during your first date and ways to handle them to make your date super successful!

1) What to wear?

Yes, this is not only the concern of girls, but also of the guys! Obviously your dressing sense is going to make a mighty impression on your date, but getting overly anxious or finicky will not help. Simple solution: wear what you’re comfortable in and it will show in your body language. It will definitely make a good first impression!

2) How to greet?

There is always this awkwardness about how to greet. A good hug or just shake hands or may be just a nod of head with the guy pulling out the chair for the lady to sit? Well, don’t fret about it so much. Don’t prepare, go with the flow and meet as casually as possible. Your date is a human being, not someone from an outer planet, so relax!

3) What to talk?

This question perplexes most of us as we don’t know our date that well and feel awkward to initiate a conversation. Best thing is to start discussing common things like weather and casual stuff about work and traffic etc. slowly you’ll find your groove and based on the answers, you can gauge what your date wants to talk about!

4) Nothing in common!

What if there is nothing in common? Yes, in that case you can’t be staring at the walls and getting embarrassed! In such a scenario, just probe and let the other person talk. And then talk about yourself in a way that is not boastful or arrogant, but just to make the other person comfortable. Mind you, your date will be as nervous as you are!

5) Choice of food

This is again a big dilemma. You ask your date to order as per his/her choice and then repent the food they order. It could be spicy or bland and may be not of your liking! Well, don’t be so formal; ask for another dish without embarrassing them that their choice was wrong. Just say that you know another dish that the said restaurant is good at and you want your date to taste it too!

6) Table Manners

Yeah, not all of us are well trained as far as table manners are concerned. That shouldn’t be the stumbling block though! Make sure you eat like a civilized human being without creating a mess, unlike you eat at home with legs on the table and using your fingers! Rest should be alright!

7) Where to focus!

Yes, for some people food is such a priority that they forget the world around them while eating. If you’re one of those, practice to balance your focus on your date and food simultaneously. It might be so easy, but with time you’ll master the art! You don’t want to be found in a situation where you’re only focusing on food or only on your date making them embarrassed!

8) Bill Payment

With women being equal partners, it does become tricky when you see your date ordering and your thoughts are on how much money you have in your wallet! Well, best thing is to be open and ask to dutch! This way, even if date is a failure, you can maintain dignity.

9) Crazy ideas

Your date may have crazy ideas of adventure like bungee jumping or paragliding which scare the crap out of you. Worry not; just say that you’re ready for different things, but only one step at a time. See, you’re not saying a no, but not even a yes!

10) Meeting your ex!

This could be straight from a Bollywood movie, but you never know. May be circumstances are so unfavourable for your new love-life to being that you bump into your ex! Here, simple thing is to meet them cordially and don’t get excited or nervous or angry about the situation. Show maturity that you have moved past your ex and are ready for a new beginning!

11) Goodbye time

This is weird situation. Movies show us that the date ends with a kiss, in some extreme situations you might also get space to make out. Reality is entirely different! Just go with your gut feeling, after analyzing how your entire evening went and do the best! You won’t regret it!

12) Bad hugs

Yeah this is another fear we all have! Trying to hug or kiss and end up hugging sideways as if we met long distance acquaintance in a public place! Again, just go by what your heart says and follow the leads by your date’s body language! You’ll be fine!

Drive away your fears and enjoy your date! First dates are important yet they bring with memories to cherish for a long time. Don’t let fears overpower you!

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