Deepika Rubbed SRK In A Wrong Way! This One Is Really Surprising!


Ooooh la la, SRK being rubbed a wrong way, by none other than sultry legged lass Deeps!

Our very own Deepika Padukone!

Two of the major game changers of the indusrty involved in a verbal tiff! Isn’t it going to be a sight?

Well, both of them are waiting for their major releases before they bid adieus to 2015. SRK’s Dilwale and Deepika’s Bajirao Mastani are two most awaited flicks of the year and we are hoping that they will wind up the year on a positive note. Both the films are releasing on 18th December, 2015.

We know, it’s just one more day of anxiety before the two predicted blockbusters hit the theaters! Also, with the two films clashing, one expected a lot of drama between the two filmmakers and the actors of the films but nothing of that sort panned out.

In fact, earlier only Bajirao Mastani faced the wrath of controversies but now  Dilwale fell under the scrutiny of political party, MNS, who started a boycotting spree. Now, if we may ask, how exactly a hate campaign got loaded only in the last week of film release and not before that, ever since heavy film promotions were going on at various platforms?

Isn’t it just another marketing gimmick?

Whatever that may be, let’s divert our attention to a rather spicy drama that took place amongst the elad actors of the flicks, and that too in open, for all to see.

It occurred during a promotional event of Dilwale where SRK was  quoted saying, “The other film (Bajirao Mastani) is also made by friends. Our genre is more family and happy-go-lucky kind. Their genre is niche and historical. For both films, audience will come in at different time and watch it. Both are really nice movies.”


And the blast took place. News is, that this didn’t go down well with Mastani Deepika she raised an objection saying, “I wouldn’t call Bajirao as niche at all. In fact, one of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s strength is, that in a film like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Devdas or Ram Leela, or even Black, he has his way of story-telling and yet he makes his movies globally appealing.” No no, she didn’t stop here! She has her own authority you see, and is not afraid of SRK anymore. She added “I don’t know what Shah Rukh meant when he called the film niche, but both are totally different genres. I have worked with both the directors and know what both of them have to offer are very, very different. Even as an audience you won’t be able to compare the two, one is action, comedy romance while Bajirao Mastani is completely different.”

Bravo Deeps!

You have some guts to counter the Badshah for sure!

Rubbing him wrong way will lead you to success or somewhere else, we aren’t sure but what we are sure about is, the two flicks have certainly bagged the right spice before the release.

So with only a few hours more to go before both the films hit a screen near you, tell us how excited are you to savor them, or not!

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