When Cosmetic Surgery Messed Up Bollywood Faces!!

Bollywood actresses many-a times choose to go under the knife to improve their facial features and assets. However, it does not work out well sometimes and ends up in a disaster

While going under the knife seems to have become a trend with the tinsel town to hide beauty flaws or improve physical features, many Bollywood celebs have managed to bear the brunt of a plastic surgery gone horribly wrong! It seems the plastic surgeons for these celebs could not give them the ideal beauty they desired and made them end up looking worse!

Though such serious celeb victims of B-Town have tried their best to keep their horrid cosmetic surgeries a hush hush affair, some news create much hype and the impact is greater than stones causing ripples on water!  

Let us have a look at how plastic surgeries when gone awry can mess up your entire look and personality:

Koena Mitra

The Saaki Saaki girl who became popular as the next big item after her sultry dance moves in this number, got a nose job done that made her the laughing stock for many. Her dreams of sharper nose got completely shattered when all she got was a botched and disfigured nose job, even swelling up her facial bones after surgery. Even rhinoplasty could not come to her aid as it instead made her features go out of shape. However, the girl bravely admitted her pathetic experience and did not shy away from the media after the mess-up. The sassy lass with the sexy moves and sensuous physique who once got some hit movies in her kitty and was known for her dancing skills now only comes to our mind when we talk of serious victims of the plastic surgery industry!



Minissha Lamba

Again another victim of a nose job gone seriously awry, Minissha Lamba who started her Bollywood career with Yahaan in 2005 could not resist the temptation of looking better and ended up looking much artificial not only with her nose looking reshaped, but also with bigger breasts as compared to her leaner body structure. Kidnap did make her look fit, but as the reports say, she got silicon implants done.

Once the woman who was known for casting a girl-next-door image in the minds of the audience with her cute smile and simple features, Minissha, now seems more made-up than real.



Shilpa Shetty

Remember Shilpa with a slimmer nose? She no longer has one. One of the few tinsel town ladies who has admitted her attempts at cosmetic surgery, Shilpa’s first trial at getting a wider nose failed, however her second attempt did work better than the previous.



Gauhar Khan

Recently in news for getting slapped in public for ‘skimpy-dressing’, the model-turned-actress tried to experiment with the wonders of plastic surgery to get fuller lips. Apparently, her lip job did not satisfy her, making her hide herself from public glare for a while. Meanwhile, she also chose to cancel her shoot for the reality TV show, Khan Sisters.



Kangana Ranaut

The Gangster debutant was apparently not happy with her natural beauty and underwent several cosmetic surgeries to enhance her facial features and her physical assets. Her enhanced breast, corrected lips, reshaped nose and bigger eyelashes bear testimony to this, though Kangana has brushed off rife speculations by saying that her sudden fuller look is a result of excessive workouts. Yeah Kangana! Even if you became fuller due to gym routines, you cannot deny your lip surgery!  

The surgery has made this curly-haired beauty’s face look puffy and firmer than ever. Her facial muscles look stiffened and her jaw line looks more curved, making her look anything but natural and innocent. The actress known for her intense acting skills and different hair and dressing styles now can be better remembered for her fuller physique and artificial looks.



Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood’s ultimate item girl and drama queen, Rakhi Sawant had become popular for her cheesy statement, “Jo Bhagawaan ne nahi diya, woh Doctor se mil sakta hai” (what God has failed to provide you with, a doctor can give you). An actress who has always been straightforward with her surgeries, Rakhi has undergone several experiments on her body – from liposuction to shaping jaw line to breast enhancement, shaping her nose, eyelid enlargement and the list goes on. More than a victim, her surgeries came across as more of a showbiz affair or a publicity stunt! While many could not even recognize her after her new look, many others criticized her feature accentuation limits!



Juhi Chawla

The bubbly girl of Bollywood known for her cute smile and chirpy personality reportedly was discontent with her nose and went for cosmetic surgery- the result being a botched nose and reshaped looks! Once a strong competitor for Kajol, Madhuri and Karishma with moves such as Darr and Ishq to her credit, Juhi’s nose has seemed to snatch away her cuteness and charm! The botox technology has made her lose that mesmerising million-dollar smile, while her elongated nose can never have the chiselled look anymore.



Hema Malini

Can you believe that the B-Town’s Dream Girl also needed accentuations and enhancements through cosmetic surgery? It seems Hema Malini could not fight her aging skin and went under the needle for a facelift to retain that younger look. Though Hema managed to look younger and more beautiful than her age, her stiffened facial muscles make it hard for her to smile away at her grief!



Anoushka Sharma

The cute, sexy style icon and pretty-looking Bollywood actress, Anoushka Sharma has become the talk of the town recently with her swollen, puffed-up lips, though she might have denied undergoing a cosmetic intervention. The slim-lipped Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi girl has got lost and in her place we now have a fuller-lipped Anoushka but without her earlier charm and cuteness manifold.



Priyanka Chopra

With her mother’s cosmetic surgery clinic, Priyanka’s several denials on her lip job cannot be believed. The drastic change in the way Piggy Chops smiles now is proof enough. PeeCee’s original Indian looks are said to have withered away with a huge difference in her jaw shape, lip size, breast size and her nose dimensions that seems to be possible only through cosmetic surgery. 


Well, we do not blame these actresses who have turned worse with their features, looks and even physiques, thanks to the cosmetic surgery world. The entire Bollywood is not immune to botched cosmetic surgeries with Katrina Kaif, Karishma Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri and many others joining the bandwagon!

While some Bollywood celebs have achieved even more breath-taking looks, for these actresses the plastic surgeries have turned into nothing but a complete disaster. After all, the world does not lack quacks who just want to mint money and there are others who could not create miracles with the natural beauties!

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