Can Sonam recreate Rekha’s ‘Khoobsurat’ magic?

Can Sonam Kapoor pull off Rekha’s classic ‘Khoobsurat’ role? Let’s find out.

Sonam Kapoor has kickstarted her research for the upcoming remake of ‘Khoobsurat‘. The high priestess of Bollywood would be stepping into the original diva Rekha’s shoes for this role. The character that redefined Rekha‘s career and made her a star overnight will be a bit of a challenge for Sonam. Will she pull it off? Let’s find out:


Rekha‘s vivacious act of a girl whose sister is married off to a strict family earned her much praise. Her bubbly exterior that made even the stern matriarch thaw at the end of the movie may be touch for Sonam. As the Kapoor girl hasn’t played a full fledged breezy role so far. She has played characters that were urban, fashionable and independent. We are hoping that Sonam can fit into this because the whole movie rests on the lead’s ‘chubuli’ avatar.

The original seductress of B-Town, Rekha, brought chic back into the movies with her sartorial choices in Khoobsurat. With school girl plaits and vibrant skirts and tunics, there was ‘carefree’ written all over her character. Sonam will not have any trouble in this department as she is one of the most fashion conscious actresses in the country. As the movie will be set in this period, we can safely say that Sonam will sport every ‘in-trend‘ outfit in neat fabrics and beautiful colors. The original ‘Khoobsurat‘ was a dance-musical with many situational songs. Rekha is a fine dancer who did complete justice to them and came out on tops, as usual. While that won’t be much of a problem for Sonam, who loves dancing and singing, it might take away from the plot. As there isn’t any director in today’s generation who can weave in situational songs into the plot. That takes a real master like Hrishikesh Mukherjee!

With the Kapoor babe’s recent hit ‘Raanjhanaa‘ creating ripples at the BO and her acting being appreciated, she wouldn’t have any issues stepping into the author-backed role. She might not be able to match up to Rekha’s effortless acting, but we are sure that she would put in her very best!

Do you think Sonam can create magic just like Rekha? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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