Bollywood Stars These Days Have A Different Definition Of Love! What Is It?


Love in Bollywood has always been glorified, glamorized and been part of innumerable controversies.

Love marriages, extra-marital affairs and one-night stands have ruled the roost and we, as fans, have lapped up any and every gossip coming out of the world’s largest gossip factory!

Times are changing though!

The new generation of actors and stars are re-defining love and how it needs to be handled. For a change, it is a refreshing sight and reflects the changing ideologies of a nation as well.

After all, reel life is always inspired by real life and vice-versa, isn’t it? However, they have a different definition of love!

Let me be more specific.

Talking about new age actors like Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sidhharth Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor and many more like them, one can notice that no matter how much media tries to link them and spread stories about their romance, when you see them on screen during interviews and film promotions, it gets clear that these guys have strong bonds of friendship rather than love! These guys are on backslapping terms and are fully aware that these linkups are just a part of PR machinery more than anything else.

Taking a step further are the upcoming stars, Athiya Shetty and Sooraj Pancholi! These guys have already declared that they love each other like crazy, but the way you love a friend, a human being, a near and dear one instead of the typical love we see in a couple! That’s how a lot of us are in real life, aren’t we? We all have that one close friend with whom we bond, connect and love to hang around with, without having any romantic or sexual ideas! Just pure soulful love!

This is actually refreshing to see youngsters being open about their love preferences, love lives and knowing how to love one another without being classified as lovers! Such a relationship is most liberating and actually helps one to understand love in a new manner.

It is not that yesteryear stars were not right about their definitions of love, but they belonged to a totally different generation. Someone as young as Shahid Kapoor was also a part of many of those so called love-affairs instead of friendly love this new generation exhibits! A part of the credit goes to the globalization and the exposure we all have got from the western culture where relations are defined in a different manner. It is a culture where it is perfectly acceptable to consider a girl and a guy as friends and nothing more! That’s the real change happening in our society and being reflected in Bollywood stars as well!

Even though I would love to see many of these good looking guys and girls fall in love, if they are friends and want to find love elsewhere, good luck to them!

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