Latest Fashionable Trends Of Our New Bollywood Hunks: Life In Isolation!

This story talks about the trend among new breed of actors who are going to great lengths to get into the skin of the character.

Fashion changes in Bollywood faster than seasons!

And it is a fact that in this case, no fashion lasts for more than a few days!

In such times, it is really striking to know about some of the new age Bollywood studs following a path unheard of ever before! It is so uncommon that we are forced to call it a fashionable trend for complete loss of a better title!

We are talking about these new boys taking acting more seriously than being just a star; definitely more seriously than any of their seniors ever took it, except for some worthy contenders from a bygone era.

The latest news to hit the headlines is that our very own outgoing and publicity-hungry stud, Ranveer Singh will be cutting off from the world, for quite some time. No, he hasn’t taken sanyas, nor is he going to search for his inner self and try to attain moksha in some wild secluded jungle.

He will be living his life in total isolation, away from family, friends, colleagues and technology, just to prepare for his role. The role he will be playing is for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajiro Mastani! Brave step, huh? In a way yes as it is too difficult to cut yourself off from the world in today’s age of 24*7 connectivity and availability; that too for a role in a film in an industry which is famous for churning out stars rather than actors. Bravo!

However, he is not the first one to do so. Just a few days back, his contemporary and another newbie, Varun Dhawan did the same. For his flick with Sriram Raghavan, Badlapur, even he went in complete isolation just so that he can prepare well for the difficult role and do justice to it. Come to think of it, he is the son of a famous director, David Dhawan and from his first film itself is considered to be the next super-star and he still takes the pain to work on his acting rather than just polishing his starry tantrums!

Apart from these two hunks, another star has walked the same path recently. Sushant Singh Rajput also cut himself off from the world and even his shooting crew for most part of the time while shooting for his next, Detectibe Byomkesh Bakshi! Incredible, isn’t it?

However, this is what actually makes us think that on one level, it is a phenomenal change and such a great thing to be happening to Bollywood that actors are walking that extra mile for the sake of acting. On the other level, doubts arise as if is this all a publicity stunt? Is it really possible for these guys who can easily claim an active and engaging social life to be partly the reason for their fame, to actually shun it and live a secluded life? Is it just a marketing ploy being used to enhance their brand equity and showcase them as real hard-working stars?

Well, we are getting a bit confused. How about you guys help us and tell us what do you think this is: a genuine effort or just a publicity stunt? We shall wait for your answers!

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