7 Things We All Love About Salman Khan

About Salman Khan
Salman Khan, the official Bhai of the Bollywood industry.
This man refuses to grow old. From being the most eligible bachelor in the country to making on the list of the world’s most handsome man, he surely has a charm.
Here’s what we love about Salman Khan, the Sultan of our hearts:
About Salman Khan –
1. His attitude
He gives a damn about anything. He speaks his mind and never regrets a bit about what he said. Its all because he knows that words come out from the heart and not diplomacy.
2. His style
Bhai ka style is unbeatable and there’s no second thought about that. We cannot forget those long straight tresses in Tere Naam nor can we get over the Dabangg aviators.
3. His charm and wit
His sense of humor is unique and it belongs to him. He always adds a personal touch to his jokes. He cracks them as Salman Khan, not a stand up comedian.
4. His smile
When he smiles, the world stops. Just like it did right here.
5. His love for kids
Now we know how much he loves kids. Acting with them, playing with them or simply spending time with kids, he loves doing all of that.
6. His love for his family
He always makes every friend as close to him as his family. This is the reason why everyone considers Salman Khan their closest family friend.
7. Last but not the least, his love for movies and his work
He is extremely hard working and that is always reflected in the work he does. He puts his 100% and that makes us love him even more.
This is what we love About Salman Khan. May the universe shower more success and happiness on him.
Love you Salman Khan.

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