Aamir Khan To Be Mahatma Gandhi? Is It Possible?

We present a hypothetical situation about a film on Mahatma Gandhi being made again. Who can play his role and other historical characters amongst the current stars?

We know this is really shocking for you guys!

After all, to imagine Aamir Khan playing Mahatma Gandhi can only be a figment of wild imagination.

But why not?

Frankly speaking, the only movie made on the life of the father of the nation was made decades ago and that too by a Hollywood director. Even the role of Gandhiji was played by a Hollywood A-lister.

So we thought, why not make a plan about re-making the movie for today’s generation with Indian star cast and crew? As such, it is the need of the hour to reaffirm Bapu’s teachings for the generation who has only read about him in the books.

If such a movie can be made, we think following stars can be signed for the pivotal roles:

1) Aamir Khan as Mahatma Gandhi

Who better than the best actor of our generation? Not only does Aamir has the capability of getting into the skin of the character, even his off-screen deeds of social activism can support his portrayal as Gandhi ji. We think, he can totally bring Mahatma to life with his interpretation of the character and make it convincing for all of us.

2) Shahrukh Khan as Pandit Nehru

Shahrukh has that look and charm to portray Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on screen. Pandit Nehru had made a special place for himself across age groups just like Shahrukh is loved and adored by people all across the world across all ages. He can be the handsome leader and wise statesman that Nehru ji was!

3) Salman Khan as Sardar Patel

The lauh-purush of India was known as a man of strength who wasn’t scared of taking tough decision or tougher actions. Salman, with his on-screen image of a tough taskmaster and a strong well-built man can easily play this role and do justice to it as well.

4) Saif Ali Khan as Muhammad Ali Jinnah

India’s freedom struggle’s story cannot be complete without Muhammad Ali Jinnah! Even though for most of us, Jinnah remains the person responsible for India’s partition and making of Pakistan, in reality he was a well-educated very classy and suave persona! Only Saif exudes the qualities associated with a royalty! His class and attitude can easily make him slip inside the skin of Jinnah and present a new interpretation of his life.

5) Ajay Devgn as Subhash Chandra Bose

With Khans on one side of the history, Ajay’s presence in such a movie can only be justified by giving him a character that followed his own convictions. Subhash Chandra Bose was that iconic character who went against Gandhiji’s mantra of non-violence and formed his own military. Ajay Devgn has that intensity and appeal to stand tall in front of all these rock-solid characters and bring Bose to life, may be even increase his fan-base!

6) Ranbir Kapoor as Shahid Bhagat Singh

The fiery patriot who embraced death out of love for his country at such a young age of only 23 must be so mature for his age. Maturity and sensible behavior is generally not associated with youngsters. However, Ranbir Kapoor has defied that logic with his body of work. We think, he can try and bring Bhagat Singh to life with his sensitive and sensible portrayal of the great martyr who can give direction to today’s generation, many of whom seem to be lost in life!

These are the iconic characters which changed the course of our country’s freedom struggle with their actions and we think the actors we suggested can do a brilliant job portraying them. Also, if this happens, it can be the casting coup of the century!

However, there are countless other freedom fighters as well for which so many of capable actors can be cast. In case you have some suggestions, do let us know!

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