4 Things To Learn From Street-Smart Fundas of Akshay Kumar!

Akshay Kumar works as a professional rather than just being an actor. Doing multiple movies a year, he makes sure there is enough money to be made, even though at the cost of critical acclaim.

Akshay Kumar is as smart an actor as a businessman!

It is said nowadays that to be successful in Bollywood as a leading actor, one needs to have a perfect combination of looks, talent and intelligence!

Even if one compromises or adjusts a bit on looks and talent, there can be no, mind you, absolutely no compromise on intelligence!

No brains, no gains!! As simple as that!

These are 4 things we learnt from street smart Akki who has played it well and is still steady in his innings:

1)  Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses and Play Around Them

Now Akshay Khiladi Kumar is around for more than 20years and he surely knows the rules of the game. Most importantly, he knows about himself, as to what works for him and what not. Without having any Godfather in the industry, Akshay has made a robust place for himself which nobody can even touch. The entire credit goes to his thinking mind which took calculated risks, worked around his weaknesses, turned them into strengths and kept a sensible head over his shoulders.

2)  Be Ready To Switch As Per the Current Trends and Demands: Yet, Capitalize on What You Are Good At

Akshay started his career with action films like Khiladi and Mohra which was his forte given his martial arts background. Soon he ventured into comedy with flicks like Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi and the whole world realized his impeccable comic timing and huge potential as a funny entertainer. In between he did experiment a bit with serious cinema, but now, he is back to giving wholesome entertainment to families! This is his own path and no one can replace him there.

3)  Offer a Variety to Choose From: More the Choices, More The Returns

His contemporaries like Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan are doing one or two films at a time. What they do is put all their focus on one film at a time and try to generate revenues to the tune of 200-300 crores. They put all their marketing muscle, brains and energy in one project at a time. Akshay plays it totally different. He knows that he doesn’t have the charms of a Salman or Shahrukh or the acting prowess of an Aamir, so he sticks to his kind of films, the likes of Boss, Holiday, and Entertainment etc. and does multiple films a year. Thus, he creates a large audience for himself by offering a number of choices.

4)  Do Not Put Your Eggs in One Basket

As such, except for Aamir, no other big star is doing blockbuster SENSIBLE cinema anyways. This multiple-film-portfolio-a-year helps Akshay in many ways. He is more visible, is able to do variety of roles and given his stardom, every film earns decent money. If not a 200-300crore, at least 100crore is usually given for his movies. By the end of year, as far as revenues are concerned he reaches almost at par with other A-Listers! Isn’t this smart!  This is basically a case of not putting all eggs in one basket and this funda is really old. The novelty is how Akshay has used it in his career and reached the top! For those who want to reach the top in any field, these are critical pieces of learning that can come handy in every situation!

Well, big cinema or small cinema, Akshay has always entertained us through his movies. We do look forward to an Akii starrer every few months which gives us a real dose of typical, yet very up-beat Bollywood Masala! The one our Desi Hindustani Dil beats for, right?

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