We Need An App For Everything, How About One App For Politics Too?


Our lives will be incomplete without all those amazing apps we keep downloading on our smart phones these days- music apps, dating apps, shopping apps, movie apps, TV apps and whatnot!

But, these apps are not deciding the flow of our lives. They undeniably add colour, zing, excitement in our lives, and that’s about it.

What rules everything in our lives is: The Politics!

It is politics and politicians who make the rules and regulations. How we live, what we eat, see, talk, drink; practically anything and everything that we do with our lives, is controlled by our politicians, directly or indirectly!

Then why don’t we have an app to control this dominating species, which most of the times MISRULE?

The servants-turned-rulers must be shown their place the moment they do a ghotala! How nice and easy it would be to have an app which can help us decide which politician to vote for and which one to avoid. Or better still, once they are in power, how to keep a check on them!

Why not have a POLITICS APP!

For example, a minister watching porn in Parliament is highlighted on the app across the nation, the app users pick and vote, and immediately he gets suspended from power and debarred from politics for next 50 years!

Sounds too cool!!

Or better still, when a minister is trying to explain how having more children is good in an over-populated country, his credentials and whereabouts are immediately flashed on the Politics App, and we can choose a punishment for that politician through the app only! He can be made to stand on his chair in the Parliament holding his ears and told to learn the basic lessons of economics which he flunked!

*I am in love with this app already*

Or an illiterate goon politician trying to draft education policy for the country can be spanked through the app, at free will till he becomes a better person.

Can you imagine the possibilities? This public humiliation of actual politicians in a mobile app will be real fun and may be, just may be, an indication for the erring ones to mend their ways and come on the right track!

Through the app, we can ensure only the best candidates get to serve us. We can mark the ones in politics who are on the seats just because their father, grandfather and his grandfather was in politics, and can be just kicked out, unless he/she really deserves to be a part of the system. The app must have a button which connects all and takes consensus on such issues. And APPS VERDICT MUST BE COMPLIED TO!

Also, there can be an age limit for those trying to govern. Technically sound app should calculate the age of al the ruling ministers. After all, how can you expect a person to have a vision when he himself can’t see properly or hear properly or even breathe properly! We are a young nation and need the power of youth to bring change with expert guidance from the experienced souls. No point in handing out power to those living past their expiry date!


So who is going to work on such Politics Apps?

Surely, they will be massive hits in the market.

Just waiting eagerly for this innovation, aren’t you too?

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