7 Violent and Rebellious Online Games That Can Hamper The Future Of Your Child!

There are a host of online games available today. We bring 7 violent and rebellious games that children should avoid playing.

Children learn from what they see in their daily lives.

They pick up words that they hear and imitate actions of their elders. Similarly, they also pick up cues from the games that they play, especially online.

Most children have access to Smartphones and the internet. This gives them the liberty to play games of their choice, many of which are not suitable for their age. Few times parents are not even aware of what websites their children use.

Some of these online gaming websites have violent sequences which leave a wrong impact on the kids. Most of these games are apt for adults, but children today can easily get their hands on them.

From brutal action to murders and from abusive words to sexual themes, these games have objectionable contents that can disturb the psyche of a child and hamper his or her future.

We bring a list of 7 online games that are extremely violent:

1) Grand Theft Auto:
This game is a blend of all that parents would not want their children to get exposed to at a young age. It has drugs, drinking, abusive language, violence, and some objectionable sexual instances too.

2) Mortal Kombat:
True to its name, the game consists of treacherous and gory out-of-this world creatures to scare any child.

3) Dead Space 2:
The Dead Space 2 makes the players battle with aliens and murder them to win the game. Such games usually make slaughtering sound a pardonable offence or no offence at all.

4) Medal of Honor:
The Medal of Honor has a modern-day war-theme set in Afghanistan. It promotes war and makes massacres look normal.

5) Call of Duty:
Black Ops: Based on the cold War of the 1960s, this is yet another game set against the backdrop of a historical war. The scenes of brutal killing of soldiers can become nightmarish for the child.

6) Fallout – New Vegas:
This online game offers the player to choose a language or dialogue option, using which they can get into rude and abusive conversations. The game also gives the player option to destroy specific parts of their online opponent’s body viciously and in slow motion.

7) Assassin’s Creed:
Brotherhood: Using deadly weapons players can destroy their rivals in this online battle. The game also promotes the use of offensive language.

Though most parents believe that violent video games can make their children rowdy and can affect their overall character & personality, there is another school of thought that is of the opinion that these games do not have any negative effect.

We leave it to the parents to decide what their child should play as each kid has a different temperament.

They are the best judge to make the choice for their children. 

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