What would your last words before death be?

If death came calling, what would your last few words before succumbing to it would be?

Twitter never ceases to amaze us. The kind of topics that trend on this popular micro-blogging site is unbeatable. From funny everyday quotes to profound topics, everything works on Twitter. Keeping the tradition alive is this cool topic #LastFewWordsBeforeIDie, which has taken the social network by storm. This has got us thinking…when death does come knocking on our doors, what would our last words be? Will we be sorry for leaving a bunch of our loved ones behind or content that w have lived a long and happy life…would you be praying for one last time or accepting it as your fate? This might sound like a topic to be made fun of, but it’s far deeper than that.


Much like we don’t know what the next minute has in store for us, we don’t know how we would react in the face of death. The person who does get to say something sensible before dying is, perhaps, one of the luckiest on earth. While youngsters want to be quirky and say stuff like, ‘update my Twitter, FB and GTalk status.’ There are others who want to something as touching as ‘sorry, I messed up’. In fact, in a research conducted by an American agency on the last words of death row convicts, many had just one thing to say…’forgive me.’ They either wanted forgiveness from the victim’s family or their own as nobody likes to end it on a sour note. Will those few words define your entire existence? Considering the world we live, there are chances that people would judge you on your last words too…and probably look for grammatical errors. Yeah, good luck with that.

There are others who says what’s really the point of saying anything before death, is it going to change anything at all? Who cares whether you said sorry or a couple of good words before passing away. It’s not going to affect them or you, whether you something or not. Do you agree with this lot? May be mine personal quote before death would be something like, ‘I really wish I could have had another slice of pizza.’ Yeah. Something as stupid as that. Because I am dying, goddamn it! I can say whatever the hell I want. Just to add perception to the proceeding, we caught up with few people from Twitter to find out what their last words would be:

Kushagra Pandey ‏@KushagraPandey
#LastFewWordsBeforeIDie burn the IRCTC servers…

Mandar Zade ‏@ZadeMandar
Last beer please 😉 #LastFewWordsBeforeIDie

Crazy trolls ‏@crazytrolls
Delete the history from my computer #LastFewWordsBeforeIDie

K-Doc (Kush) ‏@TheNAMEisKUSH
“I’m not going anywhere, bitches. Just taking a little nap.” #LastFewWordsBeforeIDie

Over Capacity ‏@sooverylame
#LastFewWordsBeforeIDie Son, there’s 5 million dollars hidden in the…..

What would you say? Tell us in the comments section below…

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