These 4 Amazing Voice Command Features Let You Talk To Your Mobile Phone!

Using the voice-command feature on mobile phones is the excellent way to encounter such tricky situations. We bring you the most popular in-built voice-recognition software that deliver outstanding results.

“What is the weather like on Sunday?”

“Which is the best Chinese restaurant around me?”

“Call Salman!”

Okay, so what’s special about these questions?

We probably ask them every day to someone one or the other! But we aren’t speaking about human beings; rather we’re demanding an answer from our mobile phones!

Thanks to technology, now phones come with an in-built voice command feature which enables users to talk to their phones and make them perform daily tasks, ranging from taking dictations, suggesting best restaurants in the vicinity, to providing information on movie show times, giving directions & reminders, and much more. All one needs to do is ask the question, just the way one speaks to a person.

What’s more, some features also respond to the user’s voice and recognize it even in a noisy environment.

We present to you the showdown of the 4 most popular voice command features on phones to tell you how easily and amazingly they work for the best benefit of the user:


iPhone users can avail the functionalities of Siri, the spectacular and intelligent personal assistant of iPhone, which allows its proud owners to use their voice to send messages, place calls, schedule meetings, and much more. In fact, over time, Siri adapts itself to the user’s preferences and accordingly personalizes the results of the questions asked. It also works well with Indian accent, but does stumble on Indian names. Nevertheless, it goes a long way in assisting professionals with their activities by converting words into text and finding answers to various queries.


A simple click on the button lets Android users access the Google Now feature which instantly throws a Google search based on the user’s query. It also sets up alarms & reminders, and displays the latest news and useful information.


While Siri and Google Now expect the owner to click the on-screen button to activate the software, Motorola went one step ahead and introduced the Touchless Control on Moto X which allows users to control the phone without having to touch the device. It all starts with the user taking the phone to a quiet room to enable the feature to recognize his/her voice. Once trained, the software can easily process the commands of the owner even in a noisy atmosphere. The moment the user says ‘OK Google Now,’ followed by the specific command, the software launches by itself and immediately carries out the assigned task.


Then there is the recently announced Cortana, another fantastic digital personal assistant for mobile phones, which graces itself on the Windows Phone 8.1 OS. Although it is yet to enter the Indian shores, experts reveal that Cortana is by far the best in its segment, and in the days to come, it will function as a real-life human assistant.

Until then, let us experience the fun and magic of the amazing voice-recognition softwares that deliver an effortless and incredible mobile phone experience!

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