The Internet Video Sharing World Desperately Needed A Breakthrough! Here It Is!

For all the online video viewing and sharing fans, this is good news. With the new update in Vine, you can now import videos from your mobile devices using the 6 second video app from Twitter.

There are millions of videos being viewed and shared on the internet every day.

In a way it is a boon which let us pass the visual information to one another easily and make it worthwhile.

For the young generations, it is an effective mean to share tutorials, information, some interesting videos just for fun and also the memorable moments of life recorded on phone.

But, there are many hiccups we face every day while transferring those videos from various devices or platforms to others.

Now we have an effective remedy to it.

Vine, Twitter’s video sharing app…

Finally Vine allows the users to import existing videos from your phones. More than 100 million people watch Vines each month and more than 1 billion loops are played every day.

With this new Vine app update, it grants the wishes of the users who can now choose multiple clips or one complete clip when importing videos that are of 6 seconds or less.

The absence of this feature on Vine has made users to opt for Instagram instead of this Twitter app. While Vine allows the uploading of a 6 second video, this phone app from Twitter allows a 10 second video.

The users can now easily import videos that they had shot on their phones or the videos they had downloaded from the Dropbox or their friends.

However, this update is currently available only for iOS users. If you have slow motion videos from iPhone, these can be now easily supported on this platform.

Now the users can also edit the videos imported.

With this new edit feature the users can duplicate certain portions of a video and even turn the audio off. Instead of previewing the entire video you have the option to preview the last edited portion on the screen and also delete the same portion from the same screen.

There are other added controls in addition to the old ones, such as, ghost and focus lock.

There is also a new grid that Vine has added which aids you to compose your shots and a level to ensure that the horizon is not tilted. Most of the tools present in the new update seem more suitable for long form videos. It is also not clear that how many users would actually import multiple video clips and then compose a 6 seconds’ video. However, Vine is banking on its creative bunch of followers and users.

Once the video is ready one can simply share it by using the hashtag – #VintageVine.

The new Torch view helps the Viners to get the correct shot even in low light conditions.

An update for Android users is on the cards as well.

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