Tech wise: Why BBM is outdated

With BBM finally coming to Android and iOS, we tell you why BlackBerry Messenger is outdated.

BlackBerry’s USP, the famed Messenger, is finally coming to iOS and Android. But is it really worth it? The ‘pings’ that made the world go crazy are no longer lusted after. We tell you why BBM is outdated. Read on:

Invitation mode: When you can add people based on their phone numbers, the idea of exchanging PINs and waiting around for them to accept it is so passé.


No voice calling:
Only the latest version of BBM has voice calling, while other chat platforms offer this facility with most phones. Why would anybody go for BBM then?

Networking issues:
Since not everybody isn’t on BBM (at least till now), it’s difficult to network and coordinate with friends. Even after BBM comes to Android and iOS, there’s no guarantee that people would switch from their favourite chat platforms.

With WhatsApp’s ‘Last Seen’ feature, BBM has completely lost out on its audiences. BBM doesn’t really have any USP that it can boast of, so there’s no way folks would use it.

Limited emoticons:
Even though BBM’s smileys are absolutely adorable, they are limited in number. For a emoticon-crazy generation, WhatsApp’s wide collection came as a blessing!


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