Surprising! Your Facebook Page Activities Can Get You A Job!

A research proves that a person’s activity on a social media site says a lot about his personality. We discuss how character analysts are analyzing the traits of prospective employees through their Facebook account.

Facebook is not a waste of time! Not at all!

You just need to learn the best of it!

The profile picture, photographs, comments, friends list, and other details that are added to a Facebook profile speak a lot about the Facebook user’s personality. Many employers are using this information to recruit people!

Usually a recruitment process includes a personality test, but most employers are doing away with this formality and judging prospective employees based on their social media obsession.

A study done on a 100 people between the ages 17 to 55 suggests that it is possible to judge a person’s temperament based on his or her social media activities. However, people who are not active on the social media sites are not eligible for this study and its results.

We discuss below the results of the research and the factors based on which a character analyst or an employer makes personality judgments.

Judging the Nature of a Person through Photographs:

Based on the way the user uploads pictures, the research suggests that a person is:

  • An extrovert if he uploads many photographs and changes his profile & cover photos frequently.
  • A neurotic if he uploads several snaps per album. Such people yearn for attention and look forward to getting more ‘likes.’ Possibly they are not good communicators and use the platform to get noticed.
  • A conscientious personality if he uploads videos and creates albums other than those made by the social media site, such as the profile picture album, video album, and cover photo album. These people are more organized and meticulous.

Judging the Character of a Person through his Friend List:

The employers judge if the person is a team player or not by checking his interactions with his friends. Based on the frequency of interactions and the conversation quality, one can make out if the candidate would easily adjust with the others in the office or not. The pictures clicked with friends also give a fair idea about the user’s persona.

Judging the Personality of a Person Based on the Personal Information:

The information provided under the ‘about me’ section helps the recruiter to know more about the Facebook user. The pages liked under various sections, including movies, books, sports, TV shows, politics, and more, also speak about the person’s traits.

Judging the Psyche of Person through Words Used:

Character analysts can also assess the candidate’s integrity depending on the words they use. People using words such as “worried,” “depressed,” “fearful” & “nervous,” are irrational and may need psychiatric help.

The above-mentioned judgments are true as per the research done, but there is another school of thought who believes that it is not possible to understand a person’s true nature through his Facebook posts and a user who is very active on this platform may, in real life, be very lonely.   

We suggest that everyone should freely express one’s thoughts and not get affected by the pressure of getting a job. We all have some special characteristics based on which we can get our desired jobs!

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