Review: Watch_Dogs

Everybody was overwhelmed by the E3 trailer of Watch_Dogs in 2012. Since then, plenty has been said about the graphics of the game.

Everybody was overwhelmed by the E3 trailer of Watch_Dogs in 2012.

Since then, plenty has been said about the graphics of the game. Watch_Dogs has arrived for next-gen experience, but at the same time, it delivers what was expected on current-gen. With impressive graphics, massive open-world and the power of hacking at your disposal, Watch_Dogs is highly addictive.

Watch_Dogs is based in virtual Chicago. You pull on your mask and play Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker with a wounded past. Marred by the death of his niece, Pearce is out for revenge. He can exploit ctOS’s weakness using his smartphone. ctOS is Chicago’s Central Operating System, which can connect ATMs, CCTV cameras, traffic lights and more. Aiden can also hack into explosives carried by security guards and most of the time, you will end up using that to get rid of them. With Watch_Dogs, you have the power to hack everything. Everything includes bank accounts of citizens. The game leaves a lot of power in your hands. You can use this power to be the good guy or a bad one. Every action has a consequence. There will be plenty of cop evading situations.

Because of its massive open-world, don’t blame anybody for comparing Watch_Dogs to GTA V. Chicago is portrayed well, the residents and their behavior blend perfectly with the virtual city. Like GTA V, roaming through the streets is highly amusing. Chicago is as big as Los Santos. Side missions take you on a tour of Chicago and that is what I enjoyed the most. Watch_Dogs is easily a richer version of GTA V. However, we will now turn our attention to next-gen and PC release of GTA V. Prior to its release, there was plenty being said about Watch_Dogs’ graphics. On the next-gen console, you won’t have many grievances. The game ran perfectly on my PS4. The weather dynamics are just brilliant. With Watch_Dogs, next gen gaming has truly arrived.

As Aiden Pearce, you can simply hack into an ATM machine and withdraw cash. That cash can be used to purchase new attire for Pearce. The red trench-coat is my favourite. Other than that, you can also buy weapons. The options won’t disappoint you. As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of side missions. You have a lot of opportunities to race your car through the streets of Chicago. Car dynamics have a room for improvement. At first, you may end up knocking a few citizens down. But an hour later, you can easily glide past through traffic. Pearce can also ride bikes, without a helmet though.  Hacking is Aiden’s biggest weapon, and that can be executed easily. Ubisoft have got that right. Hacking in a game is a unique concept and hopefully, the sequel to Watch_Dogs will capitalize on that even more.

Watch_Dogs is a mixture of many games. But, the concept makes it unique. Watch_Dogs has some limitations, repetitive feeling during missions is one of them. However, that should not stop you from enjoying this game. This is the first game in this new IP and the future looks bright for Watch_Dogs.

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