When Your Smart Phone Becomes Your Professional Party Planner!

Party planning smartphone apps – Organizing a party is fun and at the same time it is a big responsibility too. For all those who wish to plan parties themselves, we get a list of 6 apps that can help make the bash a super hit!

Most of us love to attend parties and social gatherings.

Though, throwing a party is a herculean task and a great responsibility.

The host needs to take of a gallimaufry of jobs, including the guest list, menu, venue, and more.

Handing over the responsibility to a professional party planner is undoubtedly the easiest way out. But, in today’s world of DIY (do it yourself), most people wish to give the occasion a personal touch.

For such party lovers, we bring a list of 6 apps that would help them plan the bash effortlessly!

1).  Party Planning App:

First, the host needs to select an app that would play the role of a perfect assistant. Pro Party Planner is a great party planner. It is an amazing tool that can keep track of all the arrangements. From organizing the guest list to planning the menu and from delegating duties to keeping tab of the jobs done, this party app can perform multiple tasks.

2).  Invitation Designing App:

An attractive invitation can make the party the talk of the town! Phoster is an awesome party invitation app and it has an array of templates that allow customization too. 

3).  Cocktail Recipe Apps:

For those planning a cocktail party, the cocktail app from Absolut – the popular Swedish Vodka brand, called Drinkspiration, can help in suggesting new cocktail recipes. Another popular app for such gatherings is Mixologist which has a range of party beverage recipes. 

4).  Music App:

A crucial ingredient of a super hit party is music and dance. Enhance the pace of the party with a mesmerizing party music player app, such as Djay

5).  Gaming Apps:

A party is incomplete without gaming. There are a range of party gaming apps available both on android and iPhone devices. Family Feud is a popular option that can keep all the guests involved. 

6).  Karaoke Apps:

There are a host of karaoke apps available on android, as well as iPhones. Using apps, such as the Gaana+, the host can make the party exciting. Many of these apps feature TV and video output capabilities, as reading on the mobile screen is cumbersome. You may also record the voices of the guests, for memories of the party to last forever!

There are a host of other apps that can help in party planning. The host may also select an app based on the occasion, such as wedding, Valentine’s Day, kid’s birthday party, and more.

Next time, try ‘doing it yourself’, when you wish to throw a party!

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