These Games On Facebook Are Not Just Games, They Teach Us Essential Lessons Too!

Most popular games on facebook such as Farmville, Pet Rescue Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and World Challenge are some of them that teach us essential life lessons…

Facebook is the undisputed leader in the social networking domain, but it also offers a huge platform for users to delve in highly addictive mini games.

From Farmville, Pet Ville, to Trivia Crack, there is a hoard of games that instigate people to stay glued to their Facebook accounts for hours.

While some of them are purely for entertainment purposes, there are a handful of games which possess a remarkable trait of teaching a moral to its players. These games interact with their audiences through their characters and setting whilst imparting a lesson for the real world.

Listed below are the most popular games on Facebook which also serve as a moral compass:

1).   Farmville

In concrete terms, Farmville, is all about calculating profitability and return on investment. Of all the crops available in the market, the player needs to decide which crop will yield the most profits. A casual look will say that one should opt for cotton as it generates the most payout. However, if one considers the planting cost & tilling cost, and subtracts it from the gross profit, then the player arrives at the amount of the net profit, which in turn helps him to select the most cost-effective product.

These calculations go a long way in enabling people to understand the nuances of business and how to operate in a market where prices and conditions are ever-changing.    

2).   Pet Rescue Saga

This is yet another famous game on Facebook which fosters a feeling of rescuing animals in the real world. Pet lovers will instantly relate to this game as it brings forth the concept of safety of endangered animals.

Players can indulge in busting blocks and using sizzling rockets & hammers to save the adorable pets from getting squished under tall columns.

3).   Candy Crush Saga

With over 148 million monthly users, Candy Crush Saga is a match-three puzzler, which involves matching similar colored candies. This mind-numbingly simple game allows gamers to win and pass levels easily at the initial stages, but steadily it gets harder, and induces the player to apply strategic thinking. The gamer invests time and energy to reach a goal, however, with each failure he learns a lesson, and heads back into the game with more vigor and passion to succeed.

This helps the player to develop his strategy & co-ordination skills, unlocks creativity, and empowers him to perform better in the real world.

4).   Word Challenge

As the name suggests, this is a word game that enables gamers to form three to six lettered words from six random characters within a limited time.

Apart from enhancing one’s vocabulary, this game also aims to test and improve one’s thinking speed.

Apart from the above-mentioned games, there are many others that aim at teaching essential knowledge as well as delighting the player. If you know of any such games that you feel have played a role in enhancing your skills, please do share with us in the comments box below!   

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