Don’t Have Anyone To Speak To? Start a Conversation With These Mind Blowing Apps

Mobile apps that talk – App developers come up with various innovative ideas. One such unique and interesting set of apps are the ones that talk! Yes, there are a host of interactive apps that can do various communicative jobs.

Advancement in technology has brought about massive changes in our lives.

From robots performing daily chores to Google’s driverless car, we humans have created gadgets that were unimaginable in the past.

Another significant innovation is that of the app that talks back or gives instructions.

We explore 7 such apps that talk!

1) Dragon Mobile Assistant:
This app has a bucketful of unique features. It can read out Facebook status updates, incoming messages, give call alerts, and repeat the upcoming appointments from the to-do list too. It can take voice instructions, as well as dictations for creating & sending an email. Equipped with voice biometrics, it recognizes the voice of the user and unlocks the device on hearing it.

2) Back Talk Free:
This 3D animated conversational app is based on fully interactive software. It has many funny animations, sound effects, jokes, trivia, facts, and more. Its superior recording/playback effects make it all the more interesting.

3) Type and Speak:
This unique app reads out whatever the user types. It supports various languages, including US English, UK English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German pronunciations.

4) Marco Polo:
Most of us absentmindedly keep our spectacles, car keys, and mobile phones at the wrong places, and then desperately hunt for them. Thanks to the Marco Polo app, mobile phones are now traceable. The user just has to shout ‘Marco’ and the app replies back ‘Polo’. This app was developed by Matt Wiechec, an app developer from Canada.

5) Foodspotting:
As the name suggests, this app helps to locate the best food spots. The USP of this app is that it can answer questions, such as, which restaurant has the best pizza (or any other recipe), which dish is good at a particular food outlet, how does a specified foodstuff look like, and more.

6) VoisPal:
This is an AAC or an Alternative and Augmentative Communication app built especially for people with speech difficulties. The user can communicate with the app and enhance conversation skills.

7) Quizlet:
This is an educational interactive app. An interesting feature of this app is the ‘Speller’ where an automated text-to-speech voice gives words that the user has to spell by writing. In case the spelling is incorrect, the app provides the right spelling and makes the user write it twice!

The above-mentioned apps are extremely useful and undoubtedly fun to use. With apps being introduced almost every day, we expect some more interactive, bizarre, and extraordinary ones to come our way soon.

Till then, we can make use of the ones mentioned here!

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